Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 567

A Talk With Crayson

Veronica held her phone and captured the scene while laughing uncontrollably. “You believe you can
get away with anything now, don’t you?” Matthew threatened with a sneer.

As soon as he finished speaking, Elizabeth released his ear and smacked him on the back of his head.
“What did you say? Who are you threatening here right now, young man? Roni is my god-
granddaughter.” He fell into despair as he stared at her in disbelief. “Who is your real grandson?”

“That doesn’t matter. Nobody comes before Roni and her baby.” Elizabeth was literally overjoyed with
the prospect of a joyful occasion. She was expressing her happiness with a pair of smiling eyes.

“That’s right! Grandma is the smartest!” Veronica gave her a thumbs up while filming the entire scene.
The butler, who was in the same room, grinned as he saw how happy they were with each other. He
then exited the room, closing the door behind him.

“Grandma’s the best.” Veronica took Elizabeth’s hand and raised her brow at Matthew, trying to
provoke him. “You’ll get it from me once we get home.” The man smiled in exasperation and shook his
head helplessly.

How can I be angry? Rather, I am fortunate to see the two most important women in my life happy.
After the merriment, Elizabeth brought up a serious subject. “Matthew told me you will register the
marriage after you are discharged from the hospital. You’re pregnant before marriage and it will tarnish
your reputation. Why don’t we speed things up and have the wedding as soon as possible? What do
you think?”

As a woman, I understand how others will speak negatively about Veronica, even if it is appropriate.
Given the Kings Family’s status, it will undoubtedly become the subject of gossip. It is a thoughtful
gesture for her.

“Huh? I…” Veronica paused as she turned her head to look at Matthew. “I agree with Grandma on that.”
He took her hand in his. “We might be rushing things, but I guarantee it’ll be a grand wedding.”

“I.…” Veronica dared not to answer. Even if she agreed, she was confident that she had to persuade
Crayson. If he opposed it, the wedding might have to be canceled.

“I’ll speak with Master Crayson personally.” Matthew saw right through her concerns. After a moment of
pondering, she finally agreed, “O-Okay.”

That morning, Elizabeth kept Veronica company in the hospital while Matthew went straight to First
Meeting to see Crayson. He had already instructed his man to pick up Veronica’s parents, who would
arrive in the city at noon. The only problem now was Crayson. He drove to First Meeting and parked in
the parking lot. Crayson, who was on duty, noticed the familiar car and approached it.

“Master Crayson,” Matthew greeted him as he alighted from the car. “What brings you here? You
haven’t been here in a long time,” he commented. He wore a navy blue uniform and addressed
Matthew with an amiable, approachable smile.

Thanks to Matthew’s consent, I can keep my beard even after working in the First Meeting. Matthew
extended a cigarette to him. “I need to speak to you about something.”

Crayson was about to take the cigarette, but he hesitated when he heard that. Matthew noticed the
expression on Crayson’s face as he lifted the cigarette. “Hmm?”

“Haha… Fine. You’re my boss. It has to be work.” He held the cigarette in his mouth as Matthew lit it for
him. Meanwhile, a security guard was so shocked by the scene that he gaped.