Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 568

I Must Marry Roni

That is clearly our boss! Why did he offer that ordinary, old geezer a cigarette? He even lit it for him!
While the security guard’s ears perked up at the smell of gossip, Matthew and Crayson went to the
lobby before heading to the office on the second floor.

“Holy moly. Isn’t that Crayson? Why do I feel like President Kings is behaving humbly in front of him?”

“Am I seeing things? Are they friends?”

“Are you blind? How is that behavingly humbly? He’s just respecting the elders.” “Wow. He’s so
handsome and gorgeous!” “Hold on. My man just looked at me!” “He’s so hot. God help me…”

“What are you on about? Shirley said that President Kings has someone he likes. Stop daydreaming.”
“Yeah, I heard that from Shirley too.”

Along the way to the office, they drew attention from the employees in the lobby as they began to figure
out Crayson’s identity. Needless to say, most of them were deeply captivated by Matthew’s handsome
looks as their eyes sparkled in awe and admiration.

The duo then entered the office. “Master Crayson, here.” Matthew spread his arm respectfully. Once
Crayson seated himself, Matthew poured him a cup of coffee and placed it before him.

In front of Crayson, Matthew shrugged off his identity as the president of Spinfluence Group and
behaved like how one should in front of a senior.

Crayson reclined on the couch with the cigarette between his lips. The faint puff of smoke raised and
blurred his features, shrouding the concerns sitting upon his brows.

“Master Crayson, I’m sure you know why I’m here.” Matthew sat upright in a respectful manner. “Roni is
pregnant with my babies; they’re twins. I bet she told you about it yesterday.”

He added, “I know that she has a lot of worries, but I managed to persuade her.”

Crayson heaved a long sigh. Pinching the cigarette away from his mouth, he tapped on it without lifting
his head. “So, is there anything you wanna tell me?”

Obviously, he was playing dumb.

“Roni’s not an ordinary person and you’re the most important figure to her. So, when it comes to
marriage, I’m sure she hopes to receive blessings from you.”

Crayson was smart enough to know what he meant by that. He was implying that Veronica had a
special identity while Crayson’s identity was relatively peculiar; if Crayson opposed the marriage, it
would be tough for the couple to tie the knot.

Matthew voiced out his thoughts, but Crayson took the cup of tea from the table and had a sip of it. He
then hung his head low, fully absorbed in his rumination while not even a glance was spared to

Suddenly, Crayson sighed again and set the cup on the table. He slowly lifted his head to look at
Matthew and his murky eyes were rife with mixed feelings.

Matthew could vaguely feel his struggle from the hesitation.

“Master Crayson, you’ve seen how Roni grew up. Once a teacher, forever a father. I’m sure that you
wish her true happiness.” Matthew was aware that Crayson had his worries since there was the hidden
clan. He supposed that Crayson did not have the call for certain matters.

“Matthew, you’re a smart guy and you know how it is right now. I’m not in the position to make
decisions for certain matters.” As he had expected, Crayson could not give him a certain answer, so
that response did not surprise Matthew.

“I truly respect you as Roni does. Since you can’t give us a definite answer, I hope you won’t stop us.”
Matthew set his attitude forth. “Although we haven’t registered our marriage, she’s the only love for me.
Our death is an imponderable and I have no plans on taking that into account at the moment, but I
must marry Roni!”

His engaging yet sharp, dark eyes were overwhelming for one to refuse his request.

“Is this a threat?” Crayson’s gaze swept across Matthew as his amiable face displayed a tad of

“How dare I, Master Crayson?”