Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 572

Finally Married

“Let’s leave it to fate.” Crayson sighed and did not comment further. At last, Matthew felt relieved after
the elders agreed to their marriage while Veronica, who was at the other end of the call, could not hide
her cheerful smile.

In the evening, they had dinner together before heading to the hospital to visit Veronica. Tony and
Daniella stayed in Bloomstead for several days and they were invited by Elizabeth to the Kings
Residence. They returned to the countryside after a few days of accompanying Veronica and before
they departed for home, the account passbook was left behind.

Perhaps it was God’s blessings, Veronica’s baby’s condition gradually improved during her one-week
hospitalization. At long last, everything seemed to be going in the right direction.

Monday came and it was the day for their registration of marriage. Veronica still woke up from the
hospital, but by 8:00AM, she and Matthew had finished packing and were on their way to the Civil
Affairs Bureau together.

The view outside the window was breathtaking as she sat in the passenger seat; the sky was crimson
red and the scenery was as lovely as her wonderful mood. The couple in the car was clearly unable to
hide their joy as they exchanged glances with big smiles on their faces with love abundantly filling in
the air.

In less than thirty minutes, they arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau. The two walked through a special
lane, signed an application form, and received their marriage certificates within fifteen minutes.

Even when the staff member handed over their stamped certificates, there was a hint of warmth
running through Veronica’s fingertips as her heartbeat accelerated due to her excitement. We’re official!

“From now on, you are the most important person in my life. Remember, we will never be divorced; just
widowers who love each other till the very end,” Matthew said as he drew her hand and placed it in his
palm. His lovely reminder cleared her mind of strange thoughts.

“Hahaha, judging by your affection for each other, you two will certainly grow old together. Why talk
about death on a day like this?” the amiable staff, a nearly fifty-year-old woman, sincerely blessed

“Thank you.” Veronica thanked the staff before exiting the Civil Affairs Bureau hand in hand with
Matthew. Since they had to take photos, they were dressed in matching white shirts and black pants.

The morning ray shone on them as they walked out of the bureau and stood on the corridor outside,
plating a layer of orange halo on the couple and making the scene look as lovely as ever.

“Let’s take a photo, Matt. The sixth of August is going to be our special day from now on.”

“Okay.” He gave a nod.

With that, Veronica took out her phone and turned on the selfie mode. Standing next to Matthew, she
leaned on his shoulder and instructed, “Look at the camera, please. Hey, show our certificates!” Her left
hand was held high to position her phone, whereas her right hand was clutching the certificate before
her chest while shaking it, signaling him to do the same.

“Do I look dumb?” Matthew was not used to taking selfies and thought this method of photography was

“How is this dumb?” she asked, a slight frown appeared on her face as she glared at Matthew. “Do you
not want to be in the picture?”

“I do.”

“Then, raise your certificate and position it closer to mine. Bring your head closer too.”

She looked at him in the camera and said, “Look at the camera. Don’t blink.”

“Okay,” the man responded and she was ready to press the shutter button.

At that precise moment, Matthew suddenly leaned in and kissed Veronica on the cheek while the
camera happened to capture this perfectly.

With such an unexpected kiss, it drew the attention of the Civil Affairs Bureau’s staff.

“They look so good together.”

“They are both attractive. Such a match made in heaven!”

“They are made for each other!”

“Ha! They will be happy when they marry. It won’t be long before they realize that marriage is the death
of love.”