Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 573

Sweet Love

The two exchanged a knowing smile as they listened to the conversations of those around them. “Is it
possible that our marriage will be the death of our love?” Veronica asked, her bright star-like eyes were
unable to conceal the happy smile.

“Yes,” Matthew confirmed. “Yes?!” Veronica was flabbergasted. He took her hand in his and wrapped
his arms around her waist before hugging her tightly. Deep affection was smeared across his narrow
eyes as he said, “We’ll be together until death do us apart. Before our lives end, I will tell our

Suddenly, he paused to lean over and plant another kiss, then whispered into her ear, “We must be
buried together when we die.”

Thanks to him, the terms ‘death’ and ‘grave’ opened up brand new meanings to the couple. With just a
peck of love dusted onto these words, it somehow sounded desirable and wonderful to look forward to.

“You’re far too eloquent. You must have flirted with a lot of girls in the past,” Veronica joked as she held
Matthew’s face in her slender fingers. “In the past, I was the one who was flirted with.” “Are you

“Why? Do you find it that hard to believe?”

“You’re a woman magnet. You are both handsome and wealthy. Of course, it’s me that I don’t believe
in.” For once, Veronica told the truth.

Matthew was a well-known figure in Bloomstead and he was both a genius and gifted business mogul
in the field. Not to mention how he was already part of the Kingses the moment he was born, granting

him this undeniable stern, charming, handsome aura that he was betrothed upon. What a real life
Prince Charming he is.

Veronica, on the other hand, came from an average and humble household in the countryside. Due to
that little factor, the two were diametrically opposed and she lacked a certain amount of confidence.

“What are you on about, silly girl?” He pinched her flushed cheeks. “When it comes to identity, I’m far
below you.”

‘Identity’ referred to Veronica’s identity as the Young Lord of the hidden clan.

“Hey, this is our big day. Can we not go down to that worrying topic?” She gave him a blank stare.

A sore spot should not be touched.

“You’re right.” Matthew nodded in agreement.

“Or…” Veronica thought for a moment before saying, “Let’s relax today by going to the movies, visiting
the amusement park, and doing everything a couple should do.”

On a special day, it was nice to do meaningful activities.

“You can do whatever you want after our wedding, but not now…”

“The doctor advised you to stay rested.” He shook his head.

If it was not for the marriage certificate today, Matthew would not have allowed Veronica to discharge
from the hospital. It took a long time to stabilize the child in her belly and she must be careful not to put
herself in danger again.


“I’d better go back and lie down for the sake of you two little guys,” Veronica muttered while lowering
her head and gently patting her stomach.

Being a mother was not easy.

“It’s so unexpected and I’m not prepared,” she sighed. Her original plan was to marry after the age of
twenty eight, but life was always full of surprises.

“There is no need to rush because the baby will be born in eight months. It is sufficient to be mentally

“Yeah, you’re right.” Veronica agreed with Matthew.

“Phew, let’s head back quickly. It’s so hot,” she said as she fanned her cheeks with her hand.

“Let me carry you.”

Concerned that his wife was exhausted, Matthew lifted her and steadily led her down the stairs. The
people around him were envious of this scene as they paused to watch; some even took photos and
videos with their phones.

“Oh my God. I want a love like this too.”