Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 574

Abby Has Passed Out

“Why do other girls have such fulfilling love while I’m always surrounded by scumbags?”

“He’s so attractive. He looks exactly like my dream guy.” “Yo, that woman is absolutely stunning! I’m
pretty sure I’ve seen her before.”

“Oh, yeah, she looks familiar.” At Pines Street’s north alley in Bloomstead… “Freeze! Let’s see where
you can go!”

Caleb finally apprehended a criminal suspect after running for two blocks. The suspect was knocked to
the ground by a simple slam on the shoulder. Caleb pressed one knee against the man’s back, used
his right hand to remove the handcuffs from his waist, and cuffed the suspect on his wrists.

“What a runner you are. You must have had a lot of practice escaping every day,” Caleb exclaimed as
he slapped the suspect’s head.

Ring— Ring—

Suddenly the phone in his pocket rang unexpectedly.

“Who’s speaking?” Caleb inquired as he answered the phone.

“Hello, this is calling from Bloomstead High. Are you Abby’s guardian? the caller on the other line

Taken aback, Caleb frowned upon hearing this. He looked at his colleague who had approached him
from behind and said, “Take him back to the station first.”

“Yes, Officer Shaw. Phew… Damn. This guy can really run.”

While wiping the sweat from his brows, the colleague approached and yanked the suspect up. “Follow

With that, Caleb took a step back and answered the person, “Yes, I am.”

Sh*t. Did Abby make a mistake at school?

I doubt it. She’s an excellent student.

“Please come to the school as soon as possible. Abby just passed out in class.”

“Passed out? What exactly is going on?”

“The nurse from the infirmary said that… Abby was hungry… She fainted from a low sugar level,” the
homeroom teacher on the other end stammered.

The teacher felt incredulous after saying this. I can’t believe students from this school would still faint
from hunger.

“Did she pass out from hunger?”

This is absurd.

Caleb sent Abby money every week, which was more than enough to cover her weekly expenses. So,
how could she have passed out from hunger?

“Alright, I’ll be there soon.”

“Please head to Bloomstead High,” Caleb said as he trotted out of the alley and stopped a cab on the
side of the road.

On the way there, he repeatedly urged the cab driver to drive faster.

At last, he arrived at Bloomstead High after more than forty minutes.

He went straight to the infirmary after explaining the situation at the school gate.

Knock, knock.

“Hello, my name is Caleb and I’m Abby’s guardian,” he said to several people in the infirmary after
knocking on the door.

Since it was working hours, he did not have time to change out of his uniform. Furthermore, he was on
a mission when he received the phone call from Abby’s teacher.

“Oh, Officer Shaw, right? Come in,” Abby’s homeroom teacher greeted.

“What’s going on with Abby?” he questioned as he entered the room.

“She is now awake and receiving nutrition therapy.” The class teacher pointed at the infirmary ward.

Caleb walked up to the ward’s door and peered through the half-closed door before seeing Abby lying
silently on the bed as his heart twitched uncontrollably.

“Is there anything out of the ordinary about Abby at school?” he inquired as he walked back to the
infirmary on tiptoe.

The last time he saw her, she was picking up recyclables late at night; this time, she fainted due to
hunger. I cannot imagine what she has been going through.

“Despite her inability to communicate, Abby is a bright and well-mannered student. If she has a
question, she will write it down and ask it on paper, and she consistently ranks among the top in the

Shaking her head, the teacher concluded, “There’s nothing unusual about her.”

“I got it.” Without further questioning, Caleb then proceeded to the ward.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” he asked as he closed the door and approached Abby.