Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 577

Help Me to Court Hendrey

“Trending topic?” Never did Veronica imagine that news of her marriage to Matthew would become a
trending topic despite them keeping such a low profile.

Buzz, buzz. Suddenly, another incoming call appeared on her phone screen while she was in the midst
of another call. The caller’s name was clearly displayed on the screen—Ruka.

Veronica’s chest tightened, and she couldn’t help but gulp in trepidation. “Uh, I-I’m very busy. I’m
working on something now. I’ll definitely call you back later.”

After she hung up on Monica, she anxiously picked up the call from Young Mistress Ruka Dame. It’s
true when they say you attract your fears, she thought.

Back then, she had seen for herself Ruka’s feelings for Matthew, and her biggest fear was Ruka
learning about her and Matthew. However, the marriage certificate in her hands was still piping hot in
her hands, and Ruka already knew about it.

She laughed sheepishly as she said, “Ruka, why did you call me to—”

“Veronica Murphy, you’re married to Matthew?!”

While Veronica was laughing awkwardly and had yet to finish her sentence, Ruka had already cut her
off with her yell. Sharp and ear-piercing, her voice was enough proof of how mad she was.

She leaned against the bed’s headboard and shot Matthew a death stare as though saying it was all
his fault.

The man merely smirked and shrugged helplessly.

She rolled her eyes at him in response and said humbly, “W-Well, this is a misunderstanding. Listen to
me, Ruka…”

Listen? What was she going to say? Even she didn’t know what she should say.

While she hesitated and tried to wrack her brains for something, anything, she slipped into an
uncomfortable silence.

“Okay, I’ll give you all the time you need. If this isn’t enough, I’ll look for you, and you can speak to me

Ruka suppressed the boiling anger in her heart as she felt betrayed while she waited for Veronica to
give her a decent explanation.


Veronica raised her hand and pinched her nose bridge, but no matter how hard she tried, she had no
idea how to explain their situation to Ruka. Then, right when she was about to lose all hope and
thought she would lose a good friend, someone snatched her phone away.

Matthew sat beside her as he held her phone and turned on loudspeaker mode. “I’m the one who
asked Roni to do this. I’m sorry that we lied to you.”

For the first time ever, Matthew actually apologized to someone else besides Veronica.

Even though he did it to protect her, it was still a very shocking move.

On the other end, Ruka was stunned for a few good seconds before she removed the phone from her
ear and checked the screen. When she saw the number and was sure that it belonged to Veronica, she
recalled the voice from earlier and exclaimed, “Matthew Kings?”

Is this really Matthew Kings? The man who is always high and mighty is actually apologizing to me?

“Due to various reasons, I asked Roni to hide our relationship from the public. So I apologize if I have
hurt you, and I’m willing to bear all the consequences.”

Meanwhile, Veronica was experiencing something else when she felt protected in such a domineering
way. She suddenly felt that his charisma was off the charts! He looks so dashing right now!

“Matthew, b-both of you are… too much!”

Beep, beep, beep.

After she stammered those words, she didn’t hesitate to hang up the phone. With that done, Matthew
returned the phone to Veronica. “You don’t have to worry too much as long as I’m around.”

“It’s easy for you to comment from the sidelines since you’re not the one getting criticized!” All of her
anger erupted. “See? Ruka must be really mad. If she comes at me with a sixteen-inch machete, I’ll be
sure to use you as a meatshield.”

“I doubt she dares.”

“If she really does, what are we going to do?”

“If she really has the guts to come, I’m willing to take on everything for you.”

Matthew raised his head high as he puffed up his chest while he declared confidently. At that instant,
Veronica couldn’t help but giggle despite her anger.

“My god, you’re so annoying. I don’t even know how I should face Ruka and Yvonne anymore. Even
though Yvonne is back in Castron, she would be shocked if she had read the news.”

As long as she had signal on her phone, Yvonne would definitely hear about the news of her and
Matthew, although she was back in Castron. So, Veronica didn’t even want to imagine just how
infuriated she would be.