Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 579

Sasha Starts Some Trouble

She joked, laughing at her turbulent fate and how unfair it was to her. “Maybe this is just a test.” Next to
her, Matthew consoled her, but his phone started ringing instead.

First, it was a call from Thomas and Troy, then Skyler, Caleb, Miguel, and the others phoned him,
desperate to clarify the news. Of course, Veronica’s phone didn’t have time to rest, either.

Shirley, Ivana, Larry, Stephen, Sasha, partners of Vincere Games, and the others called her one after
the other. Just by picking up calls and answering them the best they could, they spent more than an
hour until Veronica gave up and turned off her phone. Eventually, Matthew did the same.

At first, they thought that they could have some peace to themselves, but who would have guessed that
Skyler, Miguel, and Thomas came knocking after a while?

“Goddammit, Matt. Both of you are progressing very quickly!” After Skyler entered, he didn’t even
bother with the pleasantries before he started grumbling, “I just found out that Roni is pregnant with
your child, and you already have your marriage certificate. You’re hiding everything from us. Do you
even regard us as your buddies?”

“This is much better. I’m relieved to know that both of you have patched things up and are doing well
now,” Miguel lamented, pacing to Veronica’s side and shaking his head with a smile. “Despite not being
directly involved in your relationship, I was still somewhat tortured when the both of you were on terrible
terms with each other.”

Previously when Veronica and Matthew suddenly broke up, Elizabeth wanted to introduce Veronica to
Miguel, and Veronica had agreed to it just to spite Matthew.

That was a difficult time for Miguel.

Veronica couldn’t help but laugh. “Miggy, I… I’m sorry.” She flashed him a mischievous smile even
though she felt highly guilty.

“That’s not fair, Roni. Do you only have Miggy in your eyes?” Skyler snorted. “If it weren’t me who told
Miggy about your pregnancy, he wouldn’t even know about it.”

“Yes, that’s true.” Veronica knew that after she had arrived at the hospital to save her baby, it was
Skyler who had contacted the best doctor to help her with her baby, and that was why her baby’s life
was saved.

Although she was grateful, she didn’t express it. “If you want credit, you should go to Matthew, not me.”

“Sheesh, you’re not playing fair,” he whined, shaking his head.

Thomas stepped forward and congratulated Veronica politely, “Congratulations, Miss Murphy. Not only
are you pregnant, but you are also married to Boss. That’s double the happiness.”

“You say the nicest things, Mr. Ritter.” She gave him a thumbs-up and asked concernedly, “How’s your
brother doing? Is he getting any better?”

In Castron, as Troy was severely injured, Matthew and Veronica had returned to the country first while
he had stayed behind to recuperate, and just a few days ago, he was sent back home.

“Thank you for your concern, Miss Murphy. Troy is doing quite well, and he’ll be fine after a period of
rest,” Thomas answered.

The few of them sat together and chatted casually. Only Caleb was missing because he was still busy
with Abby.

In the evening, Sasha appeared at the ward. At the sight of this particular unexpected guest, Matthew’s
expression turned a few notches colder. “What are you doing here?”

Sasha wore a pair of sunglasses, dressed in a long, black-colored dress as she stood in the ward in
her sky-high heels. “You don’t welcome me anymore now that you have her?”

Veronica leaned against the headboard as she stared at Sasha and wondered, It’s already nighttime.
Why is she still wearing sunnies?

After she gave the odd sight some thought, she came to the conclusion that there could be only one
possibility—maybe Sasha couldn’t accept that both of them were married, so she cried.

In the afternoon, Sasha had also called to lash out at her, but Veronica didn’t argue with her because
she didn’t want to put Matthew in a tight spot. So instead, she had directly hung up the call.

Afterward, Sasha called her several times. Thus, Veronica decided to block her number to prevent any
verbal fights from occurring.

“You should be glad that the baby in Roni’s womb is safe. Otherwise, do you think that I’ll let you have
the chance to stand before me?”