Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 586

Yvonne Is In Trouble

Veronica looked rather ridiculous as she still had a fork in one hand and the dessert in the other, as his
sudden kiss entirely caught her off guard.

She was so stunned that she couldn’t even return the kiss as she merely blinked and stared at
Matthew, who had his eyes shut and was utterly engrossed in it.

His face was directly in front of her, and his skin color wasn’t fair but more mature and masculine.

In addition, his skin condition was excellent, so smooth that she couldn’t see his pores. In such close
proximity, she could clearly see his fine hairs instead.

Nevertheless, she didn’t realize that her long, thick lashes were brushing against his skin gently like a
feather, and like adding oil to the fire, Matthew found it even harder to control himself.

Gradually, Veronica noticed his quickened breathing and snapped back to her senses.


She was trying to speak, but because Matthew had blocked her mouth by kissing her, all her words
turned into senseless nonsense.

The man who was immersed in the passion snapped back to his senses and snapped his beautiful
eyes open suddenly. When he saw her shaking her head, he released her lips and placed her head
against his chest. “I’m sorry.”

Ever since she was hospitalized due to her pregnancy, Matthew didn’t dare to share a bed with her
because he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Earlier, one kiss was all it took to lose his mind like he was poisoned with poppy.

“I-It’s okay.” Naturally, she sensed that he was blaming himself, so she felt a little sorry for him. Yet,
some questions needed to be asked, so she schooled her face while she asked a rather tricky question
seriously, “Will you… be okay if you hold back like this?”

The man’s body had just started to calm, but one question was all it took for him to start wanting more.

He kneaded her earlobe between his fingers as he whispered, “Are you going to help me out?”


As she overreacted by straightening her back suddenly, she knocked hard into his chin because she
had raised her head too high.

He hissed in pain while she cried out, “Ouch, that hurts.”

While he held his chin, she held her head with the hand that was holding the fork and winced in pain.
“Your chin is really hard.”

“If it were an implant, I would have been disfigured just from that knock,” he joked, stroking her head.
“Does it hurt a lot?”

“You bet it does.” She grimaced in pain while she hissed through her teeth.

“Have something sweet if you’re in pain. It won’t hurt if you have more.”



Veronica took a couple of mouthfuls of tiramisu faithfully since he looked confident. While she was
enjoying the dessert, she nodded in agreement. It seemed like dessert could really help to relieve some

“No wonder Yvonne was either in bed or asking me to buy her sweets. That’s because sweets really
could—” As she spoke, her hand with the fork stopped mid-air, and she raised her eyes, looking at
Matthew with a grim expression. “Wait a minute!”

“What happened?”

He immediately recognized the alarm on her face, so he became nervous along with her, too.

She set the dessert aside carelessly without bothering to wipe the crumbs from her lips as she hastily
took out her phone and checked Yvonne’s social media, only to realize that she hadn’t posted anything
for the past few days.

“Oh, no. Yvonne is in trouble.” Veronica was sure that Yvonne had run into danger. “She loves gossip,
and our news has been all over the Internet for the past couple of days, but she didn’t even call me to
ask about it. Also, she usually likes to post her updates in her close circle of friends and her social

As Yvonne’s close friends could only see the updates she posted, many people couldn’t see her
updates and didn’t know that she had a habit of posting almost daily, only to her close friends.

“Relax, maybe she’s busy,” Matthew assured her.