Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 587

The Company Lost 50 Billions

“That seems unlikely.” Veronica held her phone nervously in her hand. “I already sensed something
amiss when I was on a call with her the other day, but I couldn’t point out what’s wrong.”

So, she pushed herself off the bed, went out of the ward, and borrowed the nurse’s cell phone to call
Yvonne. In the end, the call kept ringing, but nobody picked up. She continued to make several calls
until someone picked it up finally.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any sound coming from the other end of the call, and she gulped anxiously.
Since she knew something was wrong, she didn’t want to alert anyone by using her actual voice, so
she spoke in a man’s voice and asked, “Am I speaking with Miss Yvonne? I’m calling from the gym,
and your membership has expired. There’s a promotion in conjunction with our anniversary tomorrow. If
you sign up for a year, you have another year for free. Would you like to take part in this?”

“No, thanks.” Someone finally answered from the other end, but it wasn’t Yvonne. It was very distinctly

And Veronica couldn’t be more familiar with that voice.

The man hung up after turning her down, and she stood beside the table, her nervous face losing its
color a little.

Matthew saw the troubled look on her face, so he carried her and walked to her ward. “Don’t worry.
Yvonne still has value to Conrad, so she’s safe for the time being.”

Although Yvonne was in trouble, it wasn’t hard to figure out who had taken her away based on the time.
So, he didn’t need Veronica to spell it out for him before immediately assuming that it was Conrad.

Back in the ward, Veronica lay in bed, her mind filled with thoughts of Yvonne and her child.

She pinched her nose bridge and said guilt-ridden, “It’s all my fault. I should have realized something
was wrong with her from the beginning, but I didn’t delve into it, and she’s now in danger. Did that jerk
lose his mind?!”

Matthew fetched her a cup of tea and passed it to her. “Have some tea and calm down.”

“I’m not in the mood for tea now,” she rejected, shaking her head.

He knew that Yvonne’s disappearance bothered her greatly, so he placed the tea on the table and
slipped into a seat next to the bed as he held her hand. “Because your enemy is calmer than you now,
all the more reason for you to keep a cool head when something happens. If you can’t even control
your emotions and keep a level head, how could you take on and avoid the traps your enemy is setting
for you?”

Matthew knew how important Yvonne was to Veronica and how close they were. The fact that Yvonne
was in trouble was also a threat to him, but regardless of how serious the situation was, he would keep
his cool and logic.

The flustered and worried Veronica started to compose herself after hearing him.

Finally, she slumped against the bed, held his hand tightly as the unease wrapped around her like a
vine, and stared ahead blankly as her mind whirled with his possible motives for doing such a thing.
“Both mother and child are in Conrad’s hands now, but he’s weak and powerless. Taking Zac and her
parents’ influence into consideration, he probably wouldn’t harm her for the time being.”

At her logical analysis, he nodded in agreement. “He’s not that dumb.”

“But even if Conrad doesn’t lay a finger on Yvonne now, it is only a matter of time before he hands her
over to Zac, who’s sick beyond words, and nobody knows what kind of despicable things he would do

to her.” At the thought of this, worry overwhelmed her. “It has already been a few days, and it must be
difficult for such a timid person like her.”

Then, she turned to look outside the window with an anxious expression. Matthew always had an eye
on her, so it was only natural that he could sense her concerns from her profile.

Nonetheless, he didn’t tell her that Zac had arrived in Bloomstead today and his company had suffered
tens of billions in losses because of data leakage.

The person who did this had probably joined hands with Zac.

As Matthew didn’t want Veronica to get worked up and was even more alarmed about causing a
turbulence in the company, he had been suppressing the news from the media the whole time.