Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 590

Matthew Has Left

After the failed business deals in Castron, he had no choice but to personally meet the other party and
attempt to salvage the situation.

The person whom he felt the most worried about after leaving was Veronica. He was not afraid of her
safety, but he couldn’t say the same for her emotions as it would affect the child she was carrying.

Veronica was leaning against the headboard and staring outside the window as she was deep in
thought about Yvonne’s kidnapping. It was evident that she was despondent.

Yet, the man had said that he was going on a business trip. She understood the kind of person that
Matthew was. He would usually accompany her whenever she was down in the dumps, but now that he
was leaving, he definitely had to attend to something important.

Veronica nodded. “Go ahead. I’ll take the next two days to consider Yvonne’s matters.”

“The flight’s leaving in an hour’s time.”

“Let me see you off.”

“Why? Are you treating me like a child who needs a guardian to send him off?” He gave her a gentle
smile as he raised his hand to brush the loose strands of her hair on her forehead aside. “I’m a little
reluctant to part with you, though.”

“And you have the nerve to say that you’re not a child. What a boring idiot. You are no different from a
child, you know,” Veronica deliberately teased. Afterward, she waved her hand. “Alright, let’s quickly be
on our way. Don’t miss the plane. Shirley and Monica will be swinging by later, so it’d be inconvenient
for you to be here.”


Matthew nodded, and when he stood up to leave, he placed an arm around her neck to allow her to
lean on him.

He ran his fingers through her hair as he sighed in disappointment. “I’m also reluctant to leave you.”

“You men are in turmoil whenever you can’t obtain your desired item but don’t know how to show your
appreciation when you have it. We have only gotten together and have years ahead of us. So, it’d be
much appreciated if you could behave like this on a daily basis instead of being temporarily reluctant.”

Veronica had said those words to Matthew on purpose.

On the one hand, it was to inform him that he had to be responsible for her for the rest of her life.

On the other hand, she also wanted him to leave as soon as possible so that he won’t miss his flight
and be able to attend to his essential matters.

Even though she was reluctant to see him go, she dared give voice to those particular sentiments.

Veronica feared that the moment she said she would miss Matthew, he would drop everything on hand
to be by her side.

“Ah—” She yawned twice and added, “I’m sleepy, so I want to catch forty winks. You should leave.”

“Okay, I’m leaving.”

The man cradled the back of her neck and gave her a peck on her forehead.

The kiss was extremely long; it was as if he was reluctant to part ways before he found his way to her

Her lips were akin to a pillow—soft and fluffy, but they carried a trace of sweetness that made Matthew
greedy for more.

“Hey, Matthew Kings. You are going overboard.” Veronica pushed him away with disgust. “Why aren’t
you leaving? I still need to sleep. I always feel exhausted now that I’m pregnant.”

“Alright. Go ahead and sleep.”

He helped her to lie down before he tucked her in bed before turning to leave.

Veronica was on the bed and closed her eyes to sleep, but it was only after Matthew stood by her
bedside for a good minute before he was willing to leave.

When she heard the door to the ward closing, she slowly opened her eyes and blinked while her
eyelashes fluttered. As such, she fell into deep thought. What did Matthew land himself in?

She took her cell phone and made a call. “Colt, help me investigate all the matters pertaining to
Spinfluence Group.”

“Sure, I’ll attend to it right away.”

Colt Mullen was a member of the detective agency with whom she had always maintained contact. As
a result, she knew that he was someone capable of whom she could rely on.

At that time, Veronica saw Colt’s ability and spent a large sum of money to lure Colt and his partner to
work for her.

After she hung up, she lay down again as her thoughts were in utter chaos.

By virtue of her asking Colt to investigate Matthew’s affairs, it meant that Yvonne’s issue would be

Knock. Knock.

“Matthew was aware of this in the end, though. He didn’t say anything but arranged for Troy to
recuperate in Castron. Since Castron wasn’t his territory and he still allowed Troy to head there, it was
obvious he was abandoning Troy. To put it bluntly, Matthew thought that Troy spilled all of the beans
and betrayed him because Troy couldn’t endure the torture.”

At that, Xavier raised his eyebrow slightly as a sneer appeared on his now-mature face. “Hahaha… that
Matthew would have never realized that his suspicions had actually given me such opportunities.”

Zac was thoughtful while his gaze fell on Troy, who was wearing loose black sportswear that was
complemented by a black cap. Even after the scabs of his injuries had fallen off, he still had scars from
his torture.

Not to mention, there were visible injuries on his hands.

“By betraying Matthew, aren’t you worried that Matthew would take revenge by killing your brother?”
Zac asked as he was wary of Troy.

As long as the person involved was associated with Matthew, he would not easily trust the person.

“One, I’m not that silly as to not protect myself. Two, I won’t give him such a chance,” Troy answered as
his eyes radiated a wave of ruthlessness.

Zac held the glass of wine and leisurely sipped on it. “If you can betray Matthew today, I’m sure you’ll
betray me tomorrow. I won’t use the services of such a person.”

When he said those words, Xavier frowned as there was disbelief in his expression.

“Hmph! You are just like him. Both of you are conceited!”

Troy coldly sneered as he raised his head to look at Xavier. “Since you don’t trust me, then why should
I collaborate with you guys? Please give me the compensation that you promised earlier. I won’t bother
you again in the future.”

When he disclosed the information to Xavier, he would have discussed the compensation and
requested an amount of 50 million.

Since the deal had fallen apart, it was only natural for him to request the money now.

Xavier turned to Troy before looking at Zac. Yet, he noticed that Zac was winking at him.

He immediately understood what Zac meant and took out his purse to produce a check for 50 million
that had been previously prepared. “This is yours. It won’t be any less.”

As Troy observed the thin check and the number of zeros on it, he took it and counted it before he
turned to leave.

He didn’t even bid those two men adieu on his way out.


The door was slammed shut.

Xavier asked with incredulity. “You still don’t trust him, even after he’s done so much?”

“I, Zac, never trust anyone easily, but…”

He paused and tapped the wine glass with his right index finger before he continued. “To be his right-
hand means that the man has extraordinary abilities. We can’t use such a person.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have my own plans.”

Zac didn’t reveal his plans to Xavier but merely wanted Troy’s contact details from Xavier.

After Matthew calmed Veronica down in the hospital, he took her hand and said softly, “Roni, I’m
heading abroad for a business trip, so you’ll have to take care of yourself in my absence for the next
few days.”