Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 592

Let Shirley Resign

“That’s why I told him every single move you made.” Shirley pouted pitifully. “I was silly back then, and I
never thought much about it. But… President Kings is really nice to you.”

She thought that this matter had been well-kept, but she didn’t expect Veronica to actually know
everything. “Wow, you hid it really well. I didn’t even know about this.”

Monica shook her head, teasing Shirley. “Stop making fun of me, Monica. Veronica will kill me later.”
Shirley was close to tears. “You even said that it was for my own good. If I kill you, I’d be severely

Veronica reached out and poked her on the head. “If you do it again, you’ll be demoted from the bestie

“Of course, of course.” Shirley pulled Veronica in a hug, rubbing her head against Veronica’s body.
“Veronica, you’re the best.”

Her mischievous and adorable behavior, causing the other two to laugh. They sat together and chatted
for a while before taking their leave.

Veronica looked at the time and watched the seconds tick by. Thirty minutes after they left, Veronica
dialed Shirley’s number. “Veronica?”

“Shirley, is Monica still with you?”

“No, she just went home.” “Good. Come to the hospital for a moment.”

“Oh, alright.” Shirley could sense that Veronica had something to tell her, so she immediately turned
around and went back to the hospital.

After going into the ward and closing the door, she walked up to Veronica’s bed and sat down next to it.
“Veronica, what’s the matter?”

Veronica leaned against the headboard and put down her phone. “Shirley, I know that you’re a
hardworking girl. It’s been more than a year since you started following me, and I trust you a lot.”

Everyone left when Encounters closed down, but only Shirley was willing to stay by her side and help
her with all sorts of tasks.

“Veronica, just tell me what needs to be done. I promise I won’t abandon my mission.” Shirley reached
up and patted her chest, full of confidence.

“I want you to resign from Encounters.”

“You want me to resign?” Shirley panicked. After a moment’s shock, she grabbed Veronica’s hand.
“Veronica, I’m really sorry. I know I shouldn’t have told President Kings about you, but… but more often
than not, I inform him about you because I fear for your safety. He cares so much about you and loves
you so much, I—”

“What did you think I meant?” Veronica couldn’t help but smile. “I want you to leave Encounters
because I want you to help me with something else. Also, I hope you’ll stop contacting Matthew this

“What else?”

When she realized that Veronica was asking something important of her, Shirley expressed anticipation
on her face, her eyes shining.

“After you resign, rent a studio in Bloomstead. It has to be an office building of at least a thousand
square feet…”

Veronica took Shirley’s hand and told her about Vincere Games. Then, she reminded Shirley, “I’ve put
a lot of effort into Vincere Games. I need you to take over my work at the company.”

“Wow, since when did you have a game company, Veronica?”

Shirley was instantly overcome with admiration for Veronica.

After telling Shirley everything she needed to do, Veronica started a video conference with the partners
of Vincere Games.

By the time everything was settled, it was already 7.00PM.

During that time, Thomas came over and delivered dinner for her. Veronica didn’t have much of an
appetite, so she only ate a little.

Because Matthew had left, there were always bodyguards stationed at the entrance to her ward. It was
quite a tricky problem for Veronica.

She still had something she must do, but because of the bodyguards at the entrance, it proved to be an
inconvenience to her.

After all, there were some things Veronica didn’t want Matthew to know.

Ring, ring! The phone on her table sounded.

Veronica looked and saw that it was a call from Colt. “Did you find out anything?”

“Yes. I heard that a certain top secret of Matthew’s company got leaked, causing a major investor in
Castron to suffer a huge loss. Matthew compensated for the loss and paid the liquidated damages as
well, totaling up to five billion. Also, the boss from Castron revoked their partnership, making it an
unimaginable loss for Matthew.”