Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 606

The Best Present

She lifted the blanket and tipped her feet into the sandals after which she sauntered to the door to open
it. Since it was a VIP patient room, there was a mini parlor outside.

Once she opened the door between the patient room and parlor, a big bouquet of delicate red roses
appeared right before her eyes. There were not only red roses wrapped in the black craft paper, the
white baby’s breath also tinged its color amongst the red flowers, adding clusters to the red petals.

The pleasant fragrance flushed over her face, elevating her mood.

“Here’s your parcel. Please kindly receive it,” said the person behind the bouquet.

Since the huge bouquet of flowers covered that person, she could not see his face clearly.

“What is he doing? Why the flowers?” murmured Veronica as she could not smother the delightful smile
on her face.

“There’s a box among the flowers. Check it out,” said the man.

She looked at the flowers at which there was a red rectangular box lying on them. She took it out and
opened it.

It was a delicate multiflora rose necklace and the shining pink diamond shone prettily.

When they were engaged, he gave her a wedding ring that came with a pink multiflora rose; now, he
gifted her another necklace of the same flower and color—it was a set! It was a gorgeous pair for one
to wear.

Her rosy lips curved into a smile as she shut the box. “Thank you.”

She held the flowers while thanking the ‘delivery man’. However, when she uplifted them, the flowers
fell sideways to reveal a hole in the middle. It was as if she was carrying a heavy box.

Suddenly, she saw a big box in which a dazzling wedding dress was placed in it. When Veronica paid
full attention to it, a familiar voice resounded. “Do you like it?”

This voice…

“You… Pfft! How dare you trick me!” She lifted her head only to see Matthew standing in front of her.

She could not help grinning as she grumbled, “I see you’ve got a new job as a delivery man, huh?”

He even changed his voice so as to not be discovered by her. Otherwise, how could she not recognize
his voice?

“So, do you like it?” He smiled gently.

“Of course, I do. I love it.”

She gazed at the box which was filled with the wedding dress. It had a lid and its edges were
surrounded by flowers wrapped in black craft paper. That was why she did not notice it in the first

“You gave me a surprise, but I didn’t give you anything on your birthday. What should we do?”

The original plan was to take Matthew back to her hometown to spend his birthday with Tony, who
shared the same birth date.

However, Matthew went abroad and her condition did not allow them to do so. So, she had no choice
but to relay her birthday wishes to them through phone calls.

“Silly girl…” Matthew tapped the tip of her nose as he looked at her belly and placed his hand on it. “It’s
right here. This is the best present you’ve given to me.”

Their baby was the best present in the world.

Smiling, she placed the flowers atop the table and grabbed the box from his hand to set it aside. She
walked to him before giving him a hug. “You’re the best, Matt. You don’t know how much I missed you
the past few days.”

No one knew how much she was worried about him. Still, she could not show it on her face, let alone
calling him to check up on him.

For Matthew, it was the scent he missed all day and all night. He reciprocated the hug, bending over to
snuggle on her face with his cheek. “I missed you so much, so I came back as soon as I settled it.”

“Is everything alright?” She did not release her arms. Instead, she closed her eyes to indulge in the
sense of security within his arms.

“Hmm. Everything’s fine.”

The business deal in Castron fell through. He endeavored to compensate for the client, but his effort
was in vain. Still, that was the best ending as long as they did not turn into enemies.

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