Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 608

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Veronica mentioned how Shirley was beaten up at First Meeting before Crayson helped Shirley settle
everything. As soon as Matthew got to the end of the story, his chiseled face instantly turned
thunderous. “That’s stupid.”

“It’s alright. Shirley has agreed to try and see how things work out with Wade. Everything should be

Veronica noticed that he was slightly unhappy, so she comforted him by saying, “Skyler doesn’t have ill

“Well, an honest mistake could sometimes be irrevocable.”

“Right now, he has already attempted to fix the mistake, so you should just pretend that you’re unaware
of things,” Veronica coaxed him.

Then, she got out of bed and headed over to the desk. Subsequently, she took out a dainty little
wrapped box and turned around to head over to Matthew’s side. “I wanted to give you this present
during your birthday, but unfortunately, you were abroad that day, so I couldn’t give it to you then. The
elders used to say that one shouldn’t celebrate their birthdays after the actual day has gone by, so this
can’t be your birthday gift. Instead, you can take this as a little surprise from me.”

“Roni, that’s so thoughtful of you.”

Matthew took the dainty little wrapped box from Veronica and revealed a slight smile. “Can I open this
right now?”



He gently untied the dove-gray patterned bow on the box before opening the square box, which
revealed a thick photo album.

Matthew furrowed his brows as his dark eyes glimmered hopefully.

He removed the album from the box and placed the box on the table before flipping to the first page.
Instantly, the first photo that came to his eyes was one from the car crash.

The photo was taken under dim lighting and he lay in the upturned car as blood pooled around him; it
was a horrific sight.

“How did you get this photo?” Matthew was curious.

Veronica came over to his side and took a seat. She pointed to the photo and said, “You should get
used to it because I love taking photos as evidence.”

Moreover, she also had a habit of taking voice recordings.

“Why didn’t you show me the photo back then and reveal that you were the one who saved me?”

This was a question that had troubled Matthew for some time now.

Veronica recalled the things that had happened last year and she could not contain her laughter. “Look
at this photo here. It was taken at Kings Residence and you’re enjoying a meal with Grandma.”

She did not mention the reason to Matthew because she was caught in too many difficult situations
back then. However, this was all in the past, so there was no need to bring things up.

They sat together and went through the photos. Each one of them was new to Matthew as he had
never seen them.

At that moment, they flipped the page and saw a photo taken on Mount Chillad and he could not help
revealing a slight smile. “I have this photo too.”

He took out his phone and went through his private album to pull out the photo. “Back then, this was
taken at the school in Dawnpol Village of Mount Chillad.”

The entire area was a large mountainous region, so the school was built by the mountainside.

It was raining heavily that day and they had gone up the mountain to the school to check things out. As
they were leaving the school, their clothes were stained with mud. Coincidentally, they noticed a
rainbow, so they stood by the cliffside with their backs facing the rainbow and snapped a photo. It was
still fresh in their memories.

“That’s enough. Stop browsing the album.”

Veronica slammed the album shut. “We should leave now. If we end up late, Shirley and Wade will
definitely be anxious.”

She grabbed Matthew’s hand and left the hospital together after which they sped off toward the
address provided by Shirley.

Matthew and Veronica’s wedding date was approaching and the couple went to get their wedding
photos done. They also sorted out the invitation cards and came up with a guest list together. Despite
their busy schedule, they were in good spirits.

Most of the time, Matthew was the one doing the bulk of the work as he was concerned about the
baby’s well-being.

One day, Crayson came over to visit Veronica at the hospital.

“Matthew, could you get me a box of cigarettes, please?” As soon as Crayson entered the room, he
came up with an excuse to send Matthew out of the room.

“Okay.” Matthew was intelligent enough to realize Crayson’s intention, so he got up and left the room
while shutting the door after him.

“Roni, your wedding will be held in two more days…” Crayson sat on the chair in the room and heaved
a deep sigh. “Have you made up your mind?”

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