Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 611

The Wedding Entourage

“I was just joking with Veronica. Chill,” Tony scoffed and turned around to the other side as he
rummaged through the drawers for something.

Finally, he came in front of Veronica and handed a bank card to her. “Here you go. This bank card is for
you. This contains your mom and I’s total savings over these years. It’s not much, just about three to
four hundred thousand, so use this on yourself sparingly and don’t spend too much of Matthew’s
money. Although you guys will be married soon, it’s not nice to spend his money all the time. You would
end up a topic of speculation as time goes by.”

Tony and Daniella were concerned about the huge disparity in family background and they were
worried about Veronica suffering after her marriage.

“How did you guys get that much money? Back then when you guys were hospitalized, Mom didn’t
mention a word about our family savings.” Veronica was confused.

“Your mom and I are old, so it would be a waste of money to seek treatment with this money. This is
your dowry from us. Even if we’re not around someday, this money should not be used on us,” he
replied nonchalantly.

However, these nonchalant words he spoke sparked volumes and evidently proved their immense love
for Veronica.

Touched, Veronica got up to hug Tony. “Sob. Dad, you’re the best! I suddenly have the urge to not get
married. I feel the happiest staying with you guys.”

“What sort of nonsense are you on about? Matthew’s a great guy and he treats you like a queen. I
reckon that he’s a worthy man.”

Based on Tony and Daniella’s observations, they could tell that Matthew was sincerely in love with her.
As such, the three of them continued to chat in the bedroom.

Knock! Knock!

Veronica, who was standing near the entrance, pulled the door open.

With a smile, Matthew entered the room. “Dad, Mom, I have something to discuss with you.”

“Come on in.”

Tony indicated for Matthew to enter the room before he pointed at the chair next to himself. “Take a

Matthew nodded slightly and walked over to take a seat by the side. “Tomorrow’s Roni and my wedding
day. Are you two sure that you don’t want to come to Bloomstead?”

“We won’t join you in Bloomstead.” Daniella glanced at Tony and shook her head. “We’ll hand over our
daughter to you. As long as you bring happiness to her, we would consider that as having our greatest
wish fulfilled.”

“Yes. This is my only daughter here.” Tony took a look at Veronica and continued, “We won’t be going
to Bloomstead. Crayson will go instead. We’ve got guests and family members here, so we can’t
possibly leave them to their own means at our house.”

Matthew remained speechless as he glanced at Veronica to seek her opinion.

She lowered her eyes and considered Tony’s words before saying, “Okay, that’s fine.”

In the afternoon, everyone sat down together for a meal. Subsequently, Caleb, Skyler, and Miguel left
with Matthew.

The sky was clear and particularly beautiful on the twenty-second of August. At 7.30AM, twenty red
Ferraris adorned with ribbons arrived in front of Tony’s house.

Since it was still early in the morning, the guests had not arrived and it was not too congested. The car
entourage departed from the hotel in Collins City, so it did not take them too long to arrive.

Meanwhile at home, Veronica had gotten up at 5.00AM to get her makeup done and everything went

As the car entourage came to a halt, fireworks and firecrackers were lit in front of the Murphy

Crackle… Bang! Bang! Bang!

The atmosphere was exceptionally lively and fun as it was accompanied by the loud firecrackers and
the colorful decorations in front of the Murphy Residence.

Matthew led the group and his groomsmen trailed after him.

As soon as Shirley saw them approaching, she rushed back into the bedroom. “Roni, Roni, President
Kings is here! Hahaha… I’ll block him at the entrance to ask for a present…”

Veronica was wearing an exquisite wedding gown and remained seated on the bed. At that moment,
she could not contain her laughter. “You should ask for more and make as much money as possible
from this.”

“That goes without saying of course! Shirley and I will definitely ask for a huge sum!” Ivana tugged
Shirley’s hand and shut the door after themselves as they stood guard by the door.

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