Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 612

Stopped From Fetching the Bride

Matthew had just approached the entrance when the huge entourage of family members mobbed the
entrance. “The groom’s here! Congratulations! Hurry up! Where are the presents?”

“Yes. You can’t enter the room without giving us presents.”

“Gosh. You’re so handsome today.” ”No matter how handsome he is, he would still have to give us the
presents to enter the room.”

“Yes. You can’t just take the hands of my cousin like that.” “Exactly! There are plenty of men after my

Other than Veronica’s family members, some of her classmates and best friends mobbed the door as

Matthew was donned in a black tuxedo, looking very flashy and charming. He held a bouquet of flowers
in his hand and smiled warmly. “I’ve definitely prepared presents for everyone, but you guys should
voice out your well-wishes too.”

“Wishing you two a blissful married life. Here’s to everlasting love!”

“You’re a match made in heaven.”

“Enjoy a blissful life together.”

“May your life be filled with love and happiness!”

“Wishing you everlasting love and a life of happiness.”

Matthew could not help beaming upon hearing their well-wishes and he turned back to look at Skyler.
Instantly, Skyler reached into the pocket of his trousers and took out a stack of luxurious gift cards to
hand over to Matthew. “Matt, don’t give out too many of these. There are some more people blocking
the other entrances behind.”

However, the groom took the gift cards and flung them into the air with a flourish as he scattered the
cards to the left side of the room.

At that moment, the one hundred gift cards rained down and landed on the ground. The crowd
scrambled to grab the presents and the entrance was instantly cleared. As a result, Matthew managed
to enter the house.

After getting past the main entrance in front, Ruka, Larry, and Destiny were the ones guarding the main
door to the house.

Ruka blocked Matthew’s path. “Congratulations, Matthew. It must have been tough for you to keep this
a secret from me, huh?”

“Is that so?” Matthew was in good spirits, so he revealed a great-looking smile. “I’ll be sure to turn up to
your wedding too.”

“Tsk. Stop the unnecessary chatter. Hand over the presents. Otherwise, no one will be allowed in!”
Larry walked over and nudged Ruka gently. “Is that right, Ruka?”

“Of course.” Ruka nodded.

“Don’t forget about me, or else, you won’t be able to get past me.” Destiny lifted her brows and smiled.

At that moment, Daniella whispered softly into Tony’s ears, “Tony, I reckon that these people here seem
quite impressive. There is even a foreigner among them. How did Veronica get to know all these

“What’s with the fuss? Matthew’s so wealthy, it’s definitely normal for him to have some foreign friends,”
Tony explained.

“You’re right about that.” Daniella nodded and agreed with him.

On the other hand, Matthew took several envelopes from Miguel and handed them to the three.
“Thanks for your hard work.”

As soon as the envelopes were handed over, Ruka opened one of them and lamented, “Five million?
You’re very generous.”

Skyler was in charge of the gifts of smaller denominations. It was reasonable to distribute those to
Veronica’s family members because if they were given a larger amount, it could potentially cause
further repercussions in the future.

However, the three people in front had different identities, so Matthew took that into consideration too.

“Well, you’re considered my sister, Ruka, so you deserve this.” Matthew smiled.

“What about me?” Larry crossed his arms in front of himself. “I gave up several jobs to attend this.”

It was Veronica’s big day today, so Larry and Stephen had asked for some time off from the production

Since both of them were famous actors, they kept their caps and sunglasses on the whole time in order
to avoid the public eye and ruin the wedding.

“Everyone gets the same.”

The envelopes that Matthew handed over to them were the same; each of them was given two
envelopes with a five million cheque inside each of them.

“Okay. Since you’re so generous, then we’ll let you in.” Destiny waved the envelope in her hand and
moved aside.

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