Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 621

Buying off Troy to Kill Matthew

In order to differentiate who were their comrades and enemies, as well as to guarantee the hotel staff
safety, Matthew switched every staff member to his men by approving them leaves. Furthermore, the
whole hotel was rented two weeks ago. No outsiders were allowed to enter.

His meticulous arrangement was out of Zac and the others’ expectation. Besides, Matthew had always
been vigilant; aside from his confidants, no one was allowed to come near him.

Not only did no one gain the upper hand of the fight, which lasted for more than half an hour, Matthew
was also unscathed. As a result, Zac became anxious about that.

“Earning your trust by executing Matthew? It’ll be my loss. Count me out,” Troy refused without a
second thought.

“Come again?” Zac’s sunglasses covered the cold glint in his eyes.

“One hundred million dollars if I kill him. Once everything’s done, I’m out of the team.” Troy turned his
head. His scarred face spoke of cruelty and his eyes were as frosty as ice. It was as if he was an
emotionless machine.

Zac laughed. “Deal.”

A hundred million dollars for Matthew Kings’ head? This is a steal! How can I miss this chance?

He gladly accepted the offer.

“Now pay half of it as a deposit.”

“Half of it?” When Zac looked at Troy’s indifferent expression and eyes, he hesitated momentarily
before fishing out his wallet to give him a check.

Just as Troy was going to take it, Zac suddenly withdrew his hand. Cladded in a suit, Troy frowned
while meeting Zac’s eyes.

Even if he was wearing sunglasses, Zac could discern the murderous glint in Troy’s eyes. Zac flashed
a smile and placed the check in Troy’s hand before patting his shoulder. “I’ll be waiting for you to bring
home the bacon.”

Without checking the amount written on it, Troy shoved it into his pocket and held the pistol on his

At that moment, the driver in black had Troy’s head at gunpoint! After pausing for a second, Troy swiftly
reloaded the bullets. However, his eyes remained fixated on Zac as he snorted. “Is this your sincerity,
Prince Zac?”

Realizing that he had made a fuss over a false alarm, the driver slowly kept his pistol. Zac’s ego was
affected by Troy’s words as he quickly straightened his back and smacked the driver’s head.

Tolerating the pain, the driver shrank his neck and did as he was told to. “Mr. Ritter, I’m sor—”

Before he could finish his words, Troy had already exited the car and slammed the door before leaving.

“Wow. I like that.” At the sight of Troy’s silhouette, Zac could feel his dominance surging because of
that man’s sexiness.

Compared to Matthew, he suddenly prefered Troy. He raised his eyebrows and licked his lips as his
gaze slightly softened.

After walking for about hundred meters, Troy began to run toward Atlantis Hotel at which the
bodyguards were still defending the place under Matthew’s orders in order not to let anyone enter.

Their job was to keep any outsiders from entering the hotel so as to not hurt or sacrifice any innocent

“Troy, you’re finally here. You should check what’s going on inside,” the bodyguard greeted him and
pointed at the hotel anxiously.

“Okay. Watch out, you guys.” His footsteps did not stop as he sprinted all the way to the hotel. The
moment he reached the entrance, he shot three people down.

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