Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 622

Antheena’s Scheme

Troy successfully entered the parlor in Atlantis Hotel upon executing some of Zac’s subordinates. As
soon as he laid his foot in it, the horrifying gunshots jarred into his ears nonstop.

“Troy?” Xavier, who was sitting in the lounge, called his name. Troy turned to that direction, only to see
Xavier crossing his legs languidly on the couch while fumbling with his gun. Meanwhile, Conrad and
Antheena were next to him too.

“What are you guys doing here?” Troy halted and headed to the lounge while observing them coldly.
Xavier leaned against the couch and lifted his brow. “What’s the rush? It won’t hurt if we wait a little
longer. Matthew Kings won’t get away with this.”

The victory was in their hands as it seemed like they had made a comprehensive plan. “Zac sent you?”
Conrad inclined his body forward as his elbows rested on his knees. His right hand was pinching a
cigarette and his face displayed hints of excitement.

“A hundred million for his head.” Obviously, he was referring to Matthew’s head. “Oh? Not bad.” Xavier
chuckled and exchanged glances with Conrad. No one knew what was in their head.

Buzz! At that moment, Antheena’s phone vibrated. She inclined onto the back of the couch while
unlocking her phone to read the incoming message. ‘Veronica went to the Primrose Residence.’

Following that, the person sent the exact location of Primrose Residence. Antheena skimmed through
the text and glanced at Xavier from the corner of her eyes. Seeing how he was paying attention to the
conversation with Troy, she heaved a silent sigh of relief as he did not notice the notification.

“We’ll be counting on you.” Xavier had high expectations for Troy. Meanwhile, Conrad discarded the
cigarette into the ashtray before standing up to warm up his shoulders. “Time to hunt down the beast. I

mustn’t be left out of the game.”

He planned to tag along Troy to witness how Matthew would be killed. His mind would be put at ease
only when he saw him dead with his own eyes.

“I agree.” Xavier saw eye to eye on it.

As such, they headed to the second floor, but a few gunfire were released once they walked out of the

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullets hit the wall and tiny fragments splattered midair. Xavier barely dodged them as he took a
step back.

Troy pulled Xavier to his back before firing a few shots at the corridor. Then, he crouched down and
rolled forward. Next, he slowly proceeded to the parlor along the wall.

The delirious Conrad trailed behind him. “I have to see how Matthew Kings meets his death today! Only
one of us will be the last one standing in the Kings Family!”

Conrad and Matthew were destined to be at odds for a lifetime, as their lives basically depended on
how capable they were.

“Antheena, follow behind me, and be careful.” Xavier turned his head to shake his head worriedly at

He did not wish to involve her in this fight of death, but she insisted. Thus, he had no choice but to
bring her along.

“Don’t worry about me.” The ponytailed woman smiled at him confidently.

They joined the mess and bullets were flying everywhere at the scene. Screams and clanking noises
mingled in the air of danger. Still, Matthew knew martial arts and it would not be easy to eliminate him.

They fought through for a while, but Matthew was nowhere to be seen. So, they went to the third floor.
The first seven floors in the hotel were ballrooms while there were only suite rooms the higher they
advanced. It was difficult for one to enter the tightly secured suite rooms.

After searching for more than twenty minutes, they failed to find Matthew’s shadow. At that moment,
Xavier suddenly realized that Antheena had gone missing.

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