Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 624

A Storm Is Brewing

Veronica was on pins and needles. She stood up, walked to the door, and stood in the yard, ignoring
the breathtaking scenery of overlapping mountain peaks that stretched as far as the eye could see at a

It was fall, and the sun wasn’t as scorching hot as it had been in the hot summer. A breeze kissed the
side of the hill and greeted her with a slight chill while ruffling her hair. After walking a few steps toward
the villa’s entrance, she turned around and looked in the direction of the back of the hill while waiting
endlessly. At other times, she’d only think that time flew like an arrow. At this very moment, however,
every passing second was torture to her, making her feel so awful that she nearly fell apart.

Chuff… At last, following the roar of the helicopter engine, she saw the helicopter taking off slowly from
the back of the hill. The spinning helicopter blades created a strong gust of wind that rustled the trees.

Veronica let out a secret sigh of relief, but she couldn’t help feeling that the helicopter was flying slower
than when it arrived early on. She clutched her cell phone while praying for Matthew’s safety, knowing
that today would be a game of life and death. When danger was inevitable, it was better to deal with it
once and for all than to extend the battle line.

“Mrs. Kings, Young Master Matthew will be alright. God will keep him out of harm’s way, after all,”
Thomas said in an attempt to comfort her when he came to her side and saw the worried look on her
face. “As Young Master Matthew had said, all you have to do is protect yourself and your baby and wait
for his return. Everything will be fine this time as long as Conrad is dealt with.”

Conrad wanted to gain control over the Spinfluence Group, but Matthew was the biggest obstacle to it.
However, Matthew was too formidable to be overpowered using business methods, so he had no
choice but to solve the problem once and for all by such inferior means.

Holding her head up, Veronica watched the helicopter fly into the distance until it was reduced to a
black dot in the blue and white sky and finally disappeared from her sight. Pursing her red lips lightly,
she mumbled, “I-I believe in him.” Yes, that’s right. I believe in Matthew. But… She didn’t know why, but
her right eyelid kept twitching. A strong unease stirred her heart, making her incredibly worried and

“It’s getting windy…”

Suddenly, the sun hid behind the dark clouds and cast a dark shadow across the sky. A strong wind
blew without warning, sweeping up the fallen leaves and causing them to whirl in the sky.

Veronica’s heart skipped a beat. “Thomas, it’s going to rain.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, a flash of lightning streaked across the sky, followed by a rumble
of muddled thunder.

“Mrs. Kings, there’ll be a thundershower this afternoon according to yesterday’s weather forecast.”

“It’s fall already. Why would a thundershower still occur?”

Noticing that something was wrong with Veronica, Thomas immediately comforted her, saying, “It’s still
mid-fall, so it’s normal for thundershowers to occur.” His boss had told him a million times to make sure
that she was safe, so he dared not be careless. And besides, he feared that her pregnancy would be
affected if she got too worried.

Just then, Destiny came out as well. The strong wind rustled her blonde hair. After tucking her hair
behind her ear, she looked up at the sky and said, “It’s about to rain. Hurry and get in.”

“Miss Destiny, you go in with Mrs. Kings first. I’m going down the hill to take a look,” Thomas said. With
that, he stepped out of the villa and headed downhill.

Veronica entered the villa with Destiny. She was so distraught that she couldn’t calm down, like a
sailboat on the vast sea that stumbled across a storm that stirred up turbulent waves and left the
sailboat at its mercy. Going upstairs to the third floor, she stood on the balcony while staring into the

The rain came pattering down. Beads of rain pitter-pattered against the glass window before forming
large raindrops that streamed down the window in zigzags. In just a few seconds, the floor in the villa’s
yard became wet with rain. The rain splattered all over the place while pattering heavily on the leaves.

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