Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 638

Fooling Elizabeth

After a few days of not seeing her, she had lost her charm, and her fair cheeks became even more
heartbreakingly sallow, while her beautiful and clear eyes had turned into a dusty pearl, dull and

Crayson felt heartbroken and stepped forward, wanting to soothe her, but he wasn’t able to form the
right words in his head. “All right, you should get some rest. I’ll go and rest for a while too.”

In the end, he never mustered enough courage to face Veronica, and nodded to Destiny as a greeting
before he turned to leave.

“Go and see Master Crayson off. I want to rest for a bit.” Veronica told Destiny to leave as she wanted
to be alone for a while.

As she lay on the bed, her mind was filled with images of Matthew. From his knitted brows to his smile
and his gentle, magnetic voice that rang in her ears, they all kept lingering in her mind.

The phone on the table rang. When she picked it up, she saw that it was a call from Elizabeth. The
words ‘Madam Elizabeth’ hit her hard at the weakest spot in her heart, and the sudden pain spread to
all of her limbs, and each of her pores seeped with pain. Veronica held the phone in one hand and
covered her face with the other, closing her eyes in near despair.

As her phone buzzed and vibrated, she eventually chose to answer the call.

“Hello, Grandma?” She regulated her voice, reverting to her usual playful state in an attempt not to let
Elizabeth catch on.

“Oh, you’re finally picking up the phone, you brat. I heard Conrad say that you left for your honeymoon
overseas the same night you got married to that boy. Conrad even told me not to call you. Aren’t I just

being worried about the children in your belly? You must be careful, okay?”

The news about Atlantis Hotel was completely covered up. Almost no one knew what had happened
inside, and there was no trace of any information on the internet. The only news, if any, was a press
release saying that she had left on her honeymoon with Matthew on a helicopter.

The fire at the hotel happened at six in the evening. After it was made public, the official announcement
was that there were no guests at the scene and only a few waiters were injured, and the matter was left

Elizabeth had no doubts about this as she had been contacted by Conrad after all. Matthew had
instructed early on to the people in the Kings Residence not to tell Elizabeth anything, and they went to
great lengths to conceal the news every day.

Knowing that Elizabeth was kept in the dark, Veronica felt her heart ache. “Don’t worry, Grandma. We’ll
take care of ourselves. When we go back, we will definitely visit you as soon as possible.”

Saying that, she clamped her throat and imitated Matthew’s voice. “Roni, hurry over and take a bath.
I’ve prepared the hot water for you.”

“Okay, wait a minute, I’m on the phone with Grandma,” she replied, skillfully maneuvering between the
two ‘identities’ in order to carry out her act.

“Hahaha… Okay, okay, I won’t interrupt you two anymore. Hurry up and take a bath. Oh, now that
you’re with children, you have to be careful. You have to always think of the children first.” Elizabeth
couldn’t stop laughing, afraid that the two would do something to hurt the babies in Veronica’s womb.

“Haha… Grandma, what are you saying? Okay, I got it. You have to take care of yourself too. Bye,” she
replied with a smile.

Though the tone of her voice was pleasant and relaxed, and there seemed to be nothing wrong at all,
unbeknownst to Elizabeth, tears were already running down her haggard cheeks and dripping onto the
bed, drenching the blankets.

“Okay. You should rest early too.” Thinking that they had probably gone abroad if they were taking a
bath at this hour, Elizabeth muttered, “You youngsters know how to enjoy life much better than us.”

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