Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 642

Six Months Old

Skyler was stammering, but he spilled the truth in the end. He was hit in the chest? Veronica stiffened
up, and a chill ran down her spine. She could feel her heart starting to palpitate. She turned her
attention to the scenery outside the window in an attempt to hide her pain from everyone. “And then
what happened?” she asked.

“We were surrounded by enemies. Matt and I trusted Troy to watch our backs, but that b*stard ran
away before we even knew it. We took Matt and left the hotel, but Zac’s men kept coming after us.
Then, the car fell into the river, and… and…”

Skyler started sobbing and clenching his fists. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he couldn’t speak.

Caleb approached Skyler and patted his shoulder. He told Veronica calmly, “We’ve sent our men to
search for him. You should stay calm. Getting agitated won’t be good for the baby.”

Caleb was a police officer. He thought he wouldn’t get affected by something like this after the many
similar cases he had gone through, but this incident still got to him.

“You guys can take your time with the search. There’s no rush.” She heaved a sigh and tried to hold her
tears in. She put on a tough look and turned around. “As long as I don’t see his body, he’s still alive.”

Her voice was soft and gentle, just like a stream flowing silently in the mountains. She seemed calm,
but on a closer look, anyone could see that she was faking it.

“I’m really impressed, Roni.” Skyler gave her a thumbs up. “We won’t let you down. We’ll find him.”

“Thank you. Matt’s lucky he has friends like you.” Veronica was grateful for their help.

The gentlemen were surprised that she was consoling them. It changed their opinion of her a little.
They stayed in the ward for a long time. They thought they would have to console her, but in the end,
she didn’t need it. Eventually, they left.

The trio stood outside, looking worried.

Skyler said, “Roni’s really tough.”

Caleb said, “Yeah. It’s impressive. But it’s a good sign. If she’s feeling depressed, think what that’ll do
to the baby.”

Miguel said, “We need to find Matthew, pronto.”

Skyler doubted if they could do it. “It’s been a week, but he’s still nowhere to be found. Is he still alive?
Hey, why’d you hit me, Caleb?”

Caleb snapped, “Say something stupid again, and I’ll toss you out of the building.”

Miguel said, “Alright, enough. He’s just worried about Matthew.”

The elevator arrived, and the gentlemen entered it.

Two months flew by like a breeze, but still, there was no news about Matthew. Veronica was nearly
three months pregnant when she married him, and now she was nearly six months pregnant.

She didn’t move back to the Kings Residence, nor did she stay in any villa Matthew owned. Instead,
she moved back to Twilight Condominium. That was where they first met, and after living there with him
for so long, it was a place she would call home rather than the other residences.

Yvette handed her a glass of warm milk. “Here, Mrs. Kings. Have some milk.”

Veronica told Thomas to hire Yvette. She graduated from Oxford, and she had served Matthew ever
since she came back. She was one of his most trusted assistants, but now that he was missing, she
was delegated to Veronica—a woman three years younger than she was. Naturally, she had some
complaints about that.

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