Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 643

Grandma’s Sick

However, after two months, Veronica managed to win over Yvette with her wisdom and composure.
“Thank you.” Veronica’s hair was held up by a simple hair clip. Locks of hair tumbled down the sides of
her face, and she looked cute in that style. She was standing before the French window when Yvette

Veronica took the milk and drank it as she went through the file in her hand. “I’ve gone through the file,
and there’s nothing wrong with it. You’ll have to keep an eye on the company for a bit. I’m heading to
Castron tomorrow.”

“Does Mr. Ritter know you’re going overseas?” Yvette looked at Veronica’s baby bump. Not even the
oversized sweater could cover it. She was worried.

“I’ll tell him later. Colt is coming with me this time. You can call him if you can’t reach me.” “How long
will the trip last, Mrs. Kings?”

“A week at most, so don’t worry.” Veronica said, “Prepare the car. We’re going to the Kings Residence.”

“Yes, madam.” Yvette left the room.

Veronica was slowly getting out of the pit of sadness and tried to take over Matthew’s company in his

Skyler and Miguel would teach her about business, and Veronica had even hired some mentors to
teach her about this as well. And with Destiny helping her, she was starting to get the hang of this.

She numbed her pain every day with work, trying to forget about Matthew’s disappearance and solely
focusing on protecting the baby. She was dealing with her sadness just fine. However, the same
couldn’t be said for Elizabeth. She knew about Matthew’s disappearance after he went missing for

three months, and her Alzheimer’s had gone worse as she fell into a hole of abject misery. Fortunately,
the other companies didn’t get affected too much, as Matthew seldom showed up.

That didn’t mean they had no problems, however. After Conrad took over Spinfluence Group, he
snagged a few high-ticket deals for the company and consolidated his spot as the company leader. He
had also found out that Matthew had some other businesses and was going to try and take them all for

Her phone started to ring, and it broke her train of thought. She headed to the table, put her milk down,
and picked the phone up. “Hey, Grandma,” she said sweetly.

“Young Mistress, you have to come back. Mrs. Elizabeth’s acting up again. She’s looking for Young
Master Matthew all over the garden,” Yura quickly said.

Veronica’s face fell, and she nodded. “Be right there.” She hung up her phone and went back to her
room to change into a black down coat. Then, she hurried downstairs and hopped into the car’s
backseat. “To the Kings Residence,” she told Yvette.

Yvette revved the car up and asked, “Do you want to get Old Mrs. Kings something?”

“She’s acting up again. Drive us there.” Veronica leaned against the seat and massaged her forehead
as she looked outside the window.

The sky was overcast. As she looked up, she realized that even the snowflakes looked grey in color.
Chilly gales blew across the city, riling up the snow and covering every street with a white blanket.

She felt her heart tighten up as she watched the scenery outside. She kept thinking about the moments
she shared with Matthew—it wasn’t like she wanted to have a trip down memory lane, but it just kept
dragging her into it. She tried to run away, but it was a futile attempt.

A short while after, they finally arrived at the Kings Residence.

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