Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 645

You’re Nothing Without Him

Veronica watched as Conrad led Elizabeth into the house. Sadness and sorrow welled up within her. I
can’t even take care of her without you, Matt.

“Madam Elizabeth is doing worse now, madam.” Yura sighed. “I’m sorry you had to go through this.”

“I’m fine as long as she’s happy.” Veronica shook her head and heaved a silent sigh. “With her
condition not getting any better, her happiness takes precedence.”

They entered the living room. Conrad kept talking to Elizabeth patiently until she was asleep. A
moment later, he came back out and looked at Veronica coldly. “It’s been a while. How are you doing?”

Conrad was a handsome man. He had a clear jawline and chiseled features. The stubble he had on his
chin added to his allure. He had looks, but that was all. He was simply a good-looking man with a heart
filled with nothing but malicious intent.

She sat back down on the , holding a cup of warm water. “I’m fine.” She took a sip of the water. “What
about you? Are you haunted by nightmares every night?”

He took off his black coat and leaned back on the couch across from her. The man crossed his legs
arrogantly and laughed. “I don’t lose any sleep or appetite. No nightmares either.”

“Good to hear.” Not in the mood to speak with him any longer, she left the living room to see the yard.

She remembered she wasn’t even dating Matthew last winter. Back then, she stayed there for the night
only as Elizabeth’s god-granddaughter due to the heavy snow. She and Matthew strolled the path and
had a little banter. Eventually, they fell and shared a kiss. It was then he confessed to her.

The confession was still fresh in her mind as if it had just happened the day before. A while later,
someone approached her.

It was Conrad. “He’s dead. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll give me everything he has, and I’ll
spare you and your baby.”

She stepped on the snow and snapped coldly, “I didn’t take you as a beggar, Uncle Conrad. Trying to
beg me for something you can’t get your hands on?” Veronica didn’t even deign to look at him.

That got on Conrad’s nerves. His face was contorted with rage, but it was quickly replaced by a smile.
“You ruined me, and I killed your husband. We’re even now. Did you actually think I spared you out of
the kindness of my heart?”

What happened back then was humiliating for him. He even spent countless nights dreaming about
throttling her to sate his anger.

She stopped in her tracks and laughed. She turned around to look at him. The snow and gale were
blowing on her. She could see her breath come out as a white puff as it came in contact with the cold
air, but the wind soon blew it away.

“You should thank me for not killing you. If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t just ruin you. I’d kill
you,” she answered darkly. There was not a glimmer of light in her eyes. Only darkness and cold fury

He pointed at her lividly. “Do you really think I won’t kill you?”

Yvette stepped forward, but Veronica raised her hand and wagged two fingers, telling her to step back.
“So, you think you can kill me? Looks like Zac found a good doctor for you. He wouldn’t have done that
unless you had something good to offer, though. You’re nothing without him.”

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