Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 649

To Find Her Love

Veronica ran into Destiny when she returned to the hotel. “You went out, didn’t you?” Destiny wanted to
see her earlier, but nobody came to take the door even after she had knocked on it.

“Yes. I was seeing a friend,” Veronica answered honestly. “I have something to tell you. There’s some
business here that needs my attention. Come straight to me after you’re done with your work.”

“Sure. Thanks for coming with us. Going back and forth between Bloomstead and Castron must be
exhausting.” Veronica was grateful that Destiny came with them. “Don’t mention it. That’s my job, and
remember what I said about the Larsons. Stay away from them.”

Destiny beamed and waved her goodbye before leaving the hotel with her luggage in tow. She got into
a cab and left Veronica behind. The reason she could leave without worries was that nobody in Castron
would be stupid enough to attack Veronica. Even when they held Matthew hostage last time, they
never laid a finger on her.

She went back to her room to get some rest, but she was reminded of the text Xavier sent. He’s going
to get married tomorrow.

Someone then knocked on the door. “Veronica? It’s me. Open up, I need to tell you something.”

Ruka? Veronica took the door and saw a sad Ruka standing outside. She was staring at Veronica
intently. “Can you ask Hendrey out for me? I tried to call him, but he wouldn’t pick his phone up.”

She crossed her arms angrily and leaned against the wall. “I have a long line of suitors waiting for me,
but why won’t the guys I like reciprocate my love?”

Ruka was a tall, lithe, and beautiful woman. She was also the beloved daughter of Dame Group’s
owner. In a way, she was a modern-day princess.

But even princesses had their own dilemmas. For example, Ruka would fly all the way to Bloomstead
just to see the man she loved, but she couldn’t even get the chance to see him.

Veronica shook her head. “I don’t have his number, so I can’t help, but…”

She then recalled something, so she said, “It’s Antheena and Sebastian’s wedding tomorrow. Hendrey
is going to show up, so you can try your luck there.”

“Are you talking about Antheena Wenni Sterlit? The daughter of a mafia boss?”


“I see. They say she’s marrying a Destorian instead of a local, and the guy’s called Xavier. Is it true?”

Ruka was in gossip mode. She tossed Hendrey aside for a moment and stared at Veronica, waiting for
an answer.

“Yes.” Veronica nodded and went into her suite, and Ruka followed her inside.

“Gods, he’s a lucky man. I can’t believe he’s marrying Flake Sterlit’s daughter. I heard he’s part of the
mafia, and he spoils Antheena rotten. Even their castle is named after her.

Antheena Wenni Sterlit was Antheena’s full name, while Xavier’s other full name was Sebastian

“So, are you going to the wedding tomorrow?” Veronica sat down on the couch and held a pillow to rest
her head on. Then, she looked at Ruka languidly.

“Of course. And I definitely will get my hands on the invitation. Hendrey’s there, and I intend to see
him.” Her eyes were shining as she said that. She seemed to be anticipating the dawn of the next day.

“You’re going by yourself then. I’m beat, so it’s sleep time for me.”

“Sure. Can do.”

The ladies reached an amicable conclusion.

Ruka dressed herself up the next day for the occasion. Veronica opted out, so she was planning on
giving the newlyweds a gift, but she eventually realized they needed nothing. Guess that plan’s in the
bin now.

While Ruka was gone, she called Sean, who was also in Castron. Due to Matthew’s disappearance,
she had to delegate the task of opening a private investigating agency in Castron to Sean, whereas
she would handle the agency back in Bloomstead.

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