Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 658

Deepest Gratitude

Before Sasha came, she had already heard about Matthew’s condition and had prepared herself for it.
That was why she could not resist mocking Veronica when she first saw her.

However, when she came close and saw Matthew’s appearance, she finally understood what Veronica
was feeling earlier. “And who are you?”

Sadie, who had been standing behind Matthew, stared at Sasha doubtfully. All at once, she was
overwhelmed with curiosity regarding Matthew’s true identity.

Sasha ignored Sadie. Instead, her manicured fingers reached out and felt Matthew’s empty left sleeve.
Instantly, her tears began to flow. “How could this happen? Matt, aren’t you supposed to be invincible?
Why did you let yourself end up like this?”

Her hoarse voice trembled as it spoke. Everyone’s hearts were heavy as they took it all in. Veronica’s
feelings were complicated as well.

After a pause, she said to Sadie, “Thank you for saving my husband. I’ve been searching for him for
three months now. Since he’s still alive, he should come home with me.”

Regardless of Matthew’s current state, he was still her husband. She wanted to take him back to
Bloomstead and get him treated there.

Sadie shook her head. “How do I know if you people are good or bad? He’s lost his memory now and
doesn’t recognize any one of you. I won’t let you guys take him away.”

“Give him to me. I’ll give you 150,000,” Sasha said to Sadie as she wiped her tears.

Then, she turned to Veronica. “What makes you think you still have the right to be with him? You’re the
reason why he ended up like this. You can’t protect him, Veronica. You’ll only cause him to get hurt
again. Since he has lost his memory, he should just stay with me forever. That’ll be safer for him.”

Sasha’s love for Matthew was pure and genuine. All she wanted was to be with him.

Even though his looks were ruined, she didn’t mind at all.

Her words were like daggers that stabbed right through Veronica’s heart.

They echoed in her head and gutted her soul.

She stumbled and stared at Sasha in disbelief. “I… I…”

She stammered and faltered without being able to form a sentence.

“What kind of nonsense are you spewing, Sasha?”

Skyler saw how upset Veronica was after those words and couldn’t stop himself from chastising Sasha.

However, Caleb, Miguel, and Thomas all said nothing.

First of all, all three of them did agree that Matthew’s heavy injuries were related to Veronica. Secondly,
Troy was the perpetrator, and thus, Thomas did not dare say anything.

“Is it nonsense?”

Sasha’s ashen face turned red with anger. She glowered at Skyler and shoved him. “Drew, how can
you say you’re best buddies with Matt? Look at his condition right now! How can you say that it has
nothing to do with Veronica? Are you under some kind of spell?”

“Before Matt knew Veronica, he did whatever he wanted and lived a life of freedom. Look! Look at him
now! Look at the terrible state he’s in right now! Don’t you feel bad for him at all?”

She had long since deduced that Veronica would bring disaster upon him, but she underestimated just
how calamitous it would be.

“Matt is…”

Skyler tried to refute her, but when his eyes fell upon Matthew, his words died in his throat, which
throbbed so painfully that he could not say anything.

“You’re right.”

Veronica could not deny it. She blamed herself as well.

She knew that if it hadn’t been for her, Matthew would have continued to have a glorious life.


“We’re married now, and I will take care of him till death do us part.”

Veronica’s stricken expression gave way to a look of resolve. She looked at Sadie and bowed slightly.
“Sadie, thank you for saving my husband. If you’re suspicious of me, we can go to the nearest police
station to verify my identity. You have my deepest gratitude for saving him, so… if there’s anything you
want, go ahead and say it.”

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