Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 653


Money could buy anything. The driver’s eyes shone, and his scowl turned into a smile. He chuckled.
“Sit tight, lady. You’re gonna get there in time.”

He sped up drastically before Veronica could react, and the momentum pushed her back into her seat,
but she didn’t mind. A smile curled her lips. Wait for me, Matt. I’m coming.

She had successfully boarded the plane ninety minutes later, but not without calling in a favor from
Destiny. The driver did his job, but the pesky checkpoints slowed her down. Destiny told the staff of the
air flight to wait for Veronica, and that was what they did.

The flight took off, and Veronica felt like singing. She would keep looking at the time only to realize one
measly second had passed. Time has never been this slow.

They landed in Bloomstead about a dozen hours later, and she hurried out of the airport. She was
going to get a ride back, but Destiny had already told Thomas to pick her up. Veronica saw him waiting
for her outside the entrance.

“Mrs. Kings!” Thomas trotted over and handed a coat to her. “It’s snowing. You should wear a coat.”

She only cared about Matthew at that moment, and she didn’t realize she was out in the cold without a
coat. She took the coat and hung it on her arm, and then she frowned. “Are you sure it’s him?”


“Get us some flight tickets to Riversouth right now.” Since it’s really him, all I have to do now is to travel
full speed ahead.

“No. Yvette told me I have to take you back home so you can rest, or she’s going to kill me.” Thomas
pouted and heaved a sigh. “I’d like to see the Young Master Matthew too, but you’re pregnant with his
sons, and I have a duty to protect you three.”

“Lemme check the flight schedules.” There’s a little distance from Bloomstead to Riversouth. Going by
plane is the superior choice here. She checked the schedule on her phone and heaved a sigh of relief.
“There’s a flight heading to Clearwater Town in two and a half hours. We can land there and hop on
another flight that’ll take us to Riversouth.”

Thomas had a look of resignation in his eyes. “Mrs. Kings, you have to take care of yourself.”

“Don’t worry. Nobody knows me better than I am.” She smiled confidently and booked two flight tickets.
It was already six in the evening when she flew back from Castron. Thanks to the difference in time
zone, it was already night when she landed in Bloomstead. She had no time to rest, so all she did was
catch a little break in the car. And then, she was off to Riversouth with Thomas. They arrived at the
town at ten the next morning.

Riversouth was a perpetually comfortable place. Its climate was more agreeable than Bloomstead’s. It
was barely sixty degrees Fahrenheit out there. All she needed was a knitted shirt and sweater. When
she exited the airport, she saw Caleb and Miguel welcoming her.

She approached them. “W-Where is he?” she asked, holding back her excitement.

The gentlemen pursed their lips and shared a look. In the end, Miguel said, “He’s doing fine, but we
didn’t tell him you’re here.”

Veronica had a feeling things weren’t as simple as Miguel was putting it, but she didn’t show any
curiosity. All she did was nod and get into the car. She took off her black down coat and only wore a
knitted sweater.

The temperature was perfect, but she felt hot for some reason. Her forehead was drenched in sweat a
while later. She said, “Give me a minute, Miguel. I need to get some clothes.”

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