Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 665

The Babies’ First Month

“Carry on with work. Ask the others to come in.” She waved Thomas off. Soon after he left, Crayson,
Matthew, and Yvette returned to the room.

Veronica said to Yvette, “Yvette, hurry up and find two confinement ladies to help with the babies. I’ll
ask the hospital to discharge me tomorrow. There’s still a ton of work waiting for me at the office.”

“That’s nonsense! You just gave birth. It’s fine if you put off work for a little longer.” Crayson was
worried about Veronica. He didn’t want her to start working so soon.

Even Matthew nodded along and gestured for her to rest instead of returning to work. Veronica smiled.
She knew they were concerned for her. “I’ll be fine. It was a natural delivery, not a Cesarean section.”

After C-sections, the mothers would need to remain in the hospital for at least two weeks, but when it
came to natural deliveries, the women could be discharged after a day or two. It was even possible to
get out of bed right after giving birth too.

The next day, Veronica was forced to remain in the hospital to rest. Tony and Daniella rushed into the
city bringing eggs and chickens with them. They showered Veronica with concern.

Meanwhile, Matthew’s facial reconstruction surgery had been very successful. The surgeon worked on
making the disfigured half of Matthew’s face resemble what he used to look like based on the photos
he was provided. However, he still needed to do a few touch-ups, and these had to wait.

Thus, the following day, the whole family moved back into Pinewoods Villa.

Daniella personally saw to all of Veronica’s meals as she stayed with her throughout her confinement

Veronica had initially wanted to lose baby weight right after giving birth. She weighed 103 pounds when
she was discharged from the hospital, but after her confinement month, she weighed 108 pounds

However, as she didn’t breastfeed and didn’t stay up all night with the babies, her complexion was
healthy and glowing.

When Tony and Daniella took the two babies out on a walk around the large villa compound, Crayson
went into Veronica’s study and closed the door behind him.

“Veronica, it’s already…”

Crayson had something he wanted to say, but Veronica interrupted him. “I know. You need to return to
the hidden clan next month and you need to head off earlier. Don’t worry. I’ve already prepared for it.”

She said all this without even taking her eyes off the desk in front of her.

Once she finished, she made a call to Thomas. “Get in touch with Conrad. Sell Halston Technology to
him for 4.5 billion.”

“Yes, Mrs. Kings.”

Thomas acknowledged her instructions without further questions.

Once that was done, Veronica closed the file in front of her and looked up at Crayson with a
determined expression. “Go and get ready. You can head back to the hidden clan the day after

Crayson was taken aback by her reaction. “Halston Technology is very important to you. Why did you
decide to sell it off all of a sudden?”

“Yes, it’s very important to me, but I need to go back to the hidden clan too, so I have to give up on
Halston Technology. Otherwise, who’s going to guarantee that all will be well with the company while
I’m not in the country?”

Veronica came up with the plan to sell off Halston Technology a long time ago. It was not a last-minute

She leaned back in her chair and stared out the window. “The only people I’m worried about now are
Matt and the children. Everything else can’t affect me.”

“Alright. I’ll tell your parents that you’re going to Castron. They won’t suspect a thing.”

“Thank you, Crayson.”

Veronica thanked him simply before burying her head in work again.

Crayson stood in silence and frowned. He stared at Veronica with searching eyes. For some reason, he
felt as if she had changed completely after finding Matthew again. Her attitude toward him was a lot
more distant than before.

The next day, Veronica organized a one-month celebration for Ada and Alan. It was held right at
Pinewoods Villa.

She only invited their closest friends such as Miguel, Skyler, Caleb, Abby, Monica, Shirley, Sean, Larry,
Stephen, Ivana, Wade, and Ruka. No one else was invited, not even Elizabeth.

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