Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 671

Return Me the Wedding Night

Veronica scoffed as she ceased beating him. “You’re such a jerk! Do you have any idea how difficult it
is for me to put on that act? What were you thinking when you found that replacement, and even
rendered him mute and handicapped with broken limbs? You’re so vicious!”

“That wasn’t done by me.” Matthew took her hand in his and the two of them sat down on the ground,
her in his embrace.”

When he was brought out of Antheena’s castle, he was already mute as a result of being poisoned.
The veins in his left leg ruptured, while his elbow became infected and had to be amputated. All of this
had absolutely nothing to do with me.”

The person who was killed by Veronica earlier was the one they found in the cellar of Antheena’s castle
previously. It was the same man who looked like Matthew and was hired to pretend to be Matthew.

Subsequently, at the harbor, Xavier handed that man over to Thomas in exchange for Antheena, who
had been kidnapped.

That man, along with Troy, was then brought back for treatment in case they needed to use him in the

As he resembled Matthew, Matthew sought out a top plastic surgeon to perform minor procedures on
the man, which resulted in him looking exactly like Matthew now.

To deceive the others, all of the scars and wounds on the man’s body were deliberately created in
accordance with what Matthew had on his body.

“Tiffany shot him a few times earlier. Terrified, he used sign language to tell them that he wasn’t you,
but they did not understand sign language and thus didn’t understand what he was saying.”

“So, you killed him?” In fact, Matthew understood everything.

Veronica, on the other hand, felt bad for doing that as the man was innocent, but she was left with no
other options. There would be a lot of repercussions in the future if she did not act cruelly and kill that
man now.

“You did well. When Xavier handed him over to Thomas, he was already half dead. He would have died
long ago if it hadn’t been for my intervention. When he agreed to be my substitute, I had given his
parents thirty million. He was expecting this day.”

Matthew cradled Veronica’s shoulders and he leaned in so that she could rest her head on his

“I know that.”

She wasn’t surprised by what he said. She was well aware that since the man was willing to be
Matthew’s substitute, he knew it would cost him his life.

“How clever my Roni is! So, when did you realize I was still alive?” he asked, his large palm caressing
her cheek.

“When I heard that Thomas shot you three times in the heart, I knew you wouldn’t die.”


“Because you once told me that your heart is on the right side. And when I first met that man in the
small town, I knew he wasn’t you. Caleb too. Being an investigator with excellent observational skills,
he sensed the man wasn’t you as well. However, he did not tell Miguel and Skyler.”

Veronica leaned on his shoulders as she spoke, feeling happy but with something weighing on her

He shared a bed with her, and had a completely different vibe with that man. It was impossible for her
to be so stupid that she couldn’t recognise her own husband.

“It’s all my fault. I made you suffer.”

Matthew extended his hand. Lifting her chin, he moved closer, thereafter kissing her on the lips.

It was only a soft kiss, but it sparked a burning fire between them both.

With that, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back deeper. Their breaths were
becoming increasingly short and heavy.

Matthew took off his suit jacket and spread it out on the floor before he pushed her down. “Wifey, I’m in
the mood.”

Moving closer to her ear, his breaths fell on her earlobe as he murmured, “Our wedding night was
postponed for eight months. Don’t you think you should compensate me?”

“How dare you say that when you were the one who left me alone.” Veronica raised her head and bit
his lips hard. “I would have died of agony if I hadn’t realized the man wasn’t you. Were you not afraid of

“Well, my wife is never someone who can be easily deceived.”

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