Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 677

She Hit Veronica

Thinking that she needed to give Sasha an explanation, Veronica peeled their hands off of her before
she walked toward Sasha.

“Thomas, let go of her.”

As she waved Thomas off and walked in front of Sasha, who was making a fuss, a waft of alcohol
scent hit her nostrils almost immediately.

Sasha could only numb herself with alcohol after being unable to accept the news of Matthew’s death.

Hearing that, Thomas did as instructed with hesitation, but he didn’t forget to remind Veronica, “Please
stay away from her, Mrs. Kings. She is crazy.”

To him, Veronica’s current status was the same as that of Matthew. Since his boss was currently not
around, he naturally needed to be responsible for protecting the safety of the lady of the house.

He was still holding on to Sasha’s arms, but the woman flung his hands away. “F*ck off, Thomas!”

As she shouted loudly, she glared and pointed at him before she chided, “Are you even human? Matt
used to be so good to you. Now that he is dead because of this sl*t, Veronica, you are still trying to
protect her? Have you gone blind?!”

Sasha had never accepted the fact that Veronica and Matthew were together. Seeing Thomas being so
loyal to Veronica after Matthew’s death only made her angry on Matthew’s behalf. It felt like his death
was in vain.

“This is my own choice. It has nothing to do with you,” he retorted.

“Yes, it indeed has nothing to do with me. It has…” Sasha came to a pause and turned her outstretched
hand toward Veronica. “It has everything to do with her! She is the reason why Matt died!”

Veronica let out a frown at being pointed in the face and scolded at. She seemed somewhat resigned
as she tilted her head to look away.

Matthew’s death was a hoax, but Sasha’s sadness was just as true. Even though Veronica was being
humiliated, she couldn’t find a word to say to Sasha, and she didn’t have the heart to have Sasha
chased out of the hall either.

No one had expected Sasha to suddenly raise a hand and swing her palm at Veronica’s face when the
latter was deep in her thoughts with her head lowered.


As the clear sound reverberated around the hall, multiple pairs of eyes immediately turned in the
direction of the sound.

Even though there was barely anyone left at this time of the night, Matthew’s close friends and loyal
subordinates were all still around.

Everyone looked over at the same time upon hearing that.

“Sasha Claude! What are you doing?!”

With his fast reflexes, Thomas shoved Sasha out of the way. As she was in high heels, she quickly lost
her footing and heavily fell to the floor, the impact leaving her dizzy.

Veronica raised her hand to cover her throbbing cheek and her face darkened a bit. She immediately
blew her top while looking down at the woman lying on the floor. “Get her out of here!”

She had intended to treat Sasha with respect, but there was no way she could tolerate Sasha for hitting

She acknowledged Sasha’s feelings for Matthew, and knew that Sasha was devastated over Matthew’s
fake death, which was why Veronica could put up with it when Sasha had kicked up a fuss. However, it
was sickeningly infuriating how Sasha had been testing her limits again and again.

Seeing Veronica struck, Shirley quickly ran over and scrutinized her cheek with her head tilted. “Roni!
Are you alright?”

After she removed Veronica’s hand away, Shirley swiftly lost her temper when she saw the handprint
on Veronica’s delicate and fair cheek.

Shirley then turned around with her sharp gaze on Sasha, and stalked toward her before she leaned
over to grab her by the collar. She then unhesitantly planted her palm on Sasha’s cheeks twice. “I will
beat you till you die, you crazy drunkard! Getting all crazy just because you had some to drink? Roni is
more devastated than anyone because of President Kings’ death! How dare you hit her!”

No one here had ever seen the quiet, adorable and lovable Shirley they knew get so aggressive before.

Her dainty face was so thick with rage that even her eyes were piercing as they glared at Sasha.

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