Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Chapter 896  Chained Jane

Chapter 896 Chained Jane

With Jane's hands still chained, Jane relied on the dexterity of her mouth to keep Rudy's snake in her grip. The sensation of his hardness against her tongue fueled her desire, pushing her to explore new depths of pleasure. She hummed softly, adding a vibrant vibration that sent shivers down his spine and intensified the sensations.
As Jane skillfully pleasured Rudy with her mouth, a sense of forbidden desire lingered in the room.
As Rias watched them, a mix of conflicting emotions washed over her face as she watched Jane, her twin-sister whom she grew up with and shared everything, indulging in pleasures that should have been shared.
Lost in the realm of ecstasy, Rudy's eyes fluttered open to find Rias, who was touching herself as her gaze fixed upon the explicit scene unfolding before her.
A wicked smile played upon her lips as she watched her sister assert her dominance, relishing in the power she had over both Rudy and Jane during this session— or so she thought.
Feeling Rias' horniness, Rudy's mischievous smile widened. He released a low chuckle; the sound vibrating through Jane's mouth and sending a rush of anticipation coursing through her veins.
With a swift move, Rudy gently pulled Jane away from his arousal, his eyes never leaving Rias.
He turned his and his dick's head at Rias and asked, "Do you want to suck it?"
Rias shook her head and said, "Continue. I want to watch you two."
Rudy's gaze locked with Rias', his mischievous smile mirrored by the wicked glint in her eyes. Without breaking the intense connection, he firmly grasped Jane's head with his hands, guiding her back towards his throbbing dick. With a sense of urgency, Rudy plunged deep, feeling the warmth and wetness of Jane's mouth enveloping him entirely.
Jane's eyes widened, a mixture of surprise and pleasure radiating from within. As Rudy's dick filled her mouth, her tongue danced along the ridges, exploring every inch with fervent devotion.
As the shackles on Jane's wrists clanked, a momentary frustration flitted across her face, unable to hold on to Rudy's thighs with her hands. Undeterred, her desire surged, urging her to find new ways to intensify their connection. Closing her eyes, she leaned forward, pressing her lips against Rudy's snake, using the supple curves of her body to guide her movements.
Rudy's breath hitched as he felt the velvety warmth of Jane's lips engulfing him tightly, her tongue swirling and caressing with a newfound desperation.
With an insatiable hunger filling the air, Rudy couldn't resist the overwhelming urge to push the boundaries of pleasure. He increased his thrusting speed, plunging deeper into Jane's willing mouth, triggering a symphony of moans and gasps. Each forceful thrust sent waves of intense pleasure washing over him, driving him to the edge of ecstasy.
As the intensity heightened, Rudy's control slipped, and he felt an overwhelming desire to take Jane to new heights of pleasure. With a daring boldness, he allowed himself to sink deeper, his length stretching her throat as Jane eagerly accepted him, releasing soft muffled sounds of pleasure.
Jane's senses were on fire, overwhelmed by the depths of Rudy's desire.
Sensing Jane's need for relief, Rudy withdrew slightly, allowing her to catch her breath. With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Jane brought her tongue out to cushion Rudy's dick from her lower jaw, teasing him with delicate licks and swirls.
The moment was heated to extremes for both of them. Rudy's grip on Jane's head tightened involuntarily as her tongue danced along his length, a tantalizing mix of wetness and warmth enveloping him.
Rudy, captivated by Jane's thirst and the undeniable chemistry that flowed between them, gently withdrew his dick from her mouth. A soft moan escaped Jane's lips as she felt his absence, aching for his touch.
"Just cum already~"
Jane's eyes met Rudy's, her lips glistening with the remnants of their passionate connection. With an orgasmic look on her face and a hunger burning in her eyes, she conveyed her insatiable desire for more.
Rudy's grip on Jane's head tightened involuntarily, his desire fueling his actions. With a devious glimmer in his eyes, with a wicked grin, Rudy pushed Jane's boundaries, plunging his dick back into her eager mouth. The room filled with the erotic sounds of their connection, their passion reaching its peak.
Rudy's dominant nature surged forward as he whispered in a voice dripping with desire, "You want it? Then take it, you slutty vampire."
Jane's body quivered with anticipation and submissive surrender as she eagerly accepted his every thrust.
Her tongue worked in perfect harmony with the rhythm of his movements, bringing them both closer to the edge of pleasure. The intensity of their encounter escalated, becoming an exquisite dance of dominance and submission.
At that moment, Jane realized how different Rudy was acting compared to their normal sex. She couldn't deny the pleasure she was feeling while being chained and dominated.
As Rudy's thrusts became more forceful, urging her head back and forth with a forceful rhythm. The room filled with raw, primal sounds as Rudy face fucked Jane's mouth roughly, their connection reaching a new level of intensity.
Each thrust ignited a fire within them, pushing them closer to the pinnacle of pleasure.
Jane's senses were overwhelmed by the dominance and aggression emanating from Rudy. Every powerful thrust forced her to relinquish control, surrendering herself completely to his desires. She reveled in the sensation of his dick filling her mouth, plunging deep, hitting the back of her throat with an overpowering, exhilarated mixture of pain and pleasure.
Rudy's grip on Jane's hair tightened even more, guiding her head with a firm yet possessive control. The ferocity of his thrusts intensified, each motion pushing her limits and igniting a mixture of pain and pleasure within her. Jane's lips and throat tightened around him as she willingly surrendered to his dominance, their connection becoming an exquisite dance of power and submission.
With each forceful thrust, Rudy's desire grew, his hunger becoming insatiable. The room filled with lewd, wet sounds as their bodies moved in sync, riding the waves of pleasure. Every inch of Jane's being was consumed by the overwhelming need to please him, to be his submissive vessel of pleasure.