Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 679

An Impulsive Move

Adrian wasn’t an ordinary man. If Wade got on the man’s bad side, he would have to suffer the

Shirley wasn’t expecting a man to stand up for Sasha. As she came back to her senses, she found the
man standing imposingly before her having a unique temperament, unlike any normal person would.

Recalling Wade taking the other man head-on for her, Shirley was deeply touched. Her gaze landed on
him, shining with a hint of respect and gratitude.

Adrian studied the mark on Veronica’s face before he lowered his gaze to the woman in his embrace.
“She indeed hit you, but not without a price. Besides, you even kicked her. Mrs. Kings, do you think you
can bully my woman and walk away with it?”

“What do you think? Sasha deserves to be hit after kicking up a fuss at Young Master Matthew’s
funeral!” Nobody would ever know if Thomas was too deep into his act or if he was hating Sasha from
the bottom of his heart. In any case, he looked like he was enraged as his cheeks flushed with anger.
Then, he added, “Since you claim her as your woman, you should’ve taught her to behave. She better
remember to never show her face around Mrs. Kings again.”

As Thomas finished his warnings, he turned to Sasha. “Listen up, Sasha—even though Young Master
Matthew is dead, he’s Mrs. Kings’ man. You have no right to confront her.”

Veronica gaped at the domineering man as she began to see Thomas in a new light.

Adrian was aware of Sasha’s reason to cause a scene, but being exposed in public was a humiliating
experience. He suppressed the anger building up inside his chest and continued, “Even so, it didn’t

give you the excuse to hit her. Mrs. King, I want an explanation regarding the matter. You won’t want to
challenge me.”

“Mr. Colland, you need to remember to respect the dead. Are you trying to cause trouble at my
husband’s memorial?”

Even though Veronica was shorter than Adrian, her courage didn’t waver for a single moment when
she stared right back at him, as if she was a heroine on the battlefield.

Casting a glance at the ice casket on the side, Adrian furrowed his brows. “I’ll let this matter slip for
once, as Matthew used to treat Sasha with care. There won’t be a next, or else I’ll make you pay.”

“Allow me to thank you on my husband’s behalf,” Veronica replied.

Adrian sneered at her words before he grabbed Sasha’s wrist and headed toward the exit. As he
walked fast, Sasha was having trouble following as she was in heels. Hence, she had to jog to catch

Looking at the duo leaving, a bad feeling clung to Veronica’s chest. According to what she knew of the
man, Sasha was bound to take a beating tonight.

Indeed, she was right about it.

Meanwhile, Shirley sighed in relief. “Roni, who is that guy? He has a strong presence.”

“I don’t know him that well.” Shaking her head, Veronica held Shirley’s hands. “I understand that you’re
doing this for me, but you need to think twice before you act in the future, alright?”

Sasha made a scene over Matthew’s matter a while ago. Even though Adrian was displeased at her
behavior, he would never allow others to wrong her. Once he decided to take revenge on Shirley or

Wade, the two would live a life worse than death.

“She’s right, Shir. That was reckless.” Monica shared the same concern as Veronica.

“I’ve learned my lesson.” Shirley nodded before she looked to the ground and mumbled, “It’s just that I
don’t want to see Roni wronged by anyone.”

“I know you did this for me.” Veronica patted the back of the woman’s hand and told her gently.

Miguel and Caleb stood next to the group without a word. The duo had been thinking that Veronica
would have trouble diffusing the situation, but their guess was proven wrong when she sent Adrian
away with a few words, which left them not contributing.

Stepping to the side with Wade, Shirley put a hand on his arm as the residual fear emerged inside her
chest. “Wade, thank you for helping me out, but Roni’s right. You should be more careful next time, or
else you might get on someone’s bad side.”

“It’s no big deal. It runs in the men’s veins to protect the women.” He cast an understanding smile at
her. It was bright, and she could feel her tension lift.

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