Novel Name : Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 680

Skyler Was Losing His Temper

Stepping out of the break room, Skyler lit himself a cigarette. As he felt his mood ease, he turned
around and found Shirley holding Wade’s arm. She lifted her head to see him better with a smile
plastered to her face. Skyler’s face darkened when he noticed the lovey-dovey vibe the pair was

As Shirley could see the overflowing affection in Wade’s eyes, she avoided meeting his gaze and
involuntarily chose to run away. “I-I have to go to the washroom.”

She looked for an excuse to get out of the situation.

When she began to walk in his direction, Skyler immediately turned on his heel and returned to the
break room.

Shirley had to walk down the corridor and pass by the break room until she reached the washroom. As
she was halfway through, someone grabbed her arm out of warning and pulled her inside the
breakroom before slamming the door closed.

Her world spun for a moment, and Shirley finally found Skyler standing in front of her when he pinned
her against the door.

“Young Master Skyler, what are you doing?” As she found out the person was him, Shirley pouted in
displeasure as her thin brows furrowed tightly.

Her angry look was a duplicate of a provoked kitten. Not only was she harmless with the look, she also
looked more adorable. It was hard for one to stop themselves from caressing her head.

“What is it? You’re dating Wade, so I can’t even touch you?” Recalling her casting a smile at Wade a
moment ago but frowning at him as if he was her foe, Skyler felt the anger building inside his chest.

“What does that have to do with it?” His question left her confused and she had no idea about where it
came from.

Seeing her frustrated look, he mistook it for she was despising him, and the thought annoyed him more
than he thought it was capable.

“I bet you don’t even know about his family circumstances.” Skyler raised his brows at Shirley and
sneered. “He comes from a poor family. Lately, his mother has fallen sick, which will cost a lot of money
to treat her. I heard he’s close with the president of the Horizon Group.”

At the end of his words, Skyler paused for a moment before he added, “Do you get what I mean?”

“I don’t.” Shirley felt his words were more strange than made sense. “He’s free to make friends and be
close to them. Young Master Skyler, are you implying he shouldn’t make friends with women?”

Skyler stared at her speechlessly. Why did I bother to talk to this silly girl? It’s like howling at the moon!

“Do you want me to be more honest? Fine. Wade asked for one million from the president of the
Horizon Group, Talila Gibson, to treat his mother’s disease. ”

Talila Gibson of the Horizon Group was a woman in her early thirties who took great care of her
appearance. She was a rare beauty with an enchanting look and a distant personality in the business

Many excellent men had been expressing their affection to her, but she was never moved by one of

Truth was, Skyler wasn’t aware of it until he got the information from his gang of buddies.

“How did you know that he ‘asked’? You weren’t even there when the president of the Horizon Group
gave him one million!” Shoving him away, Shirley cast him an angry look. “Stop meddling in others’

business and pay more attention to your fiancée instead.”

She harrumphed with displeasure before she opened the door and walked off.

The door of the break room slammed in Skyler’s face. The stirred air due to the force swayed his fringe
away from his forehead and revealed the frown of anger between his brows.

D*mn her! He took his anger out by kicking the chair beside him.

After Shirley left the break room, she walked toward the lobby instead of the washroom.

Her mind kept repeating Skyler’s words from a few minutes ago. After pondering for a short while, she
decided to look for Wade to clear her doubts.

Wade wasn’t in the lobby as she expected. Later, she found the man in her mind leaning against a
pillar as he smoked alone near the entrance.

“Are you all right?” she asked in concern.

As soon as he saw her walking over, he put the cigarette out and threw it into the bin as he stood
upright. “I am.”

“I-I heard that you’re facing some difficulties recently, right?”

“What?” Taken aback by the approach, Wade kept silent for a few seconds until an idea popped into his
mind. Casting a longing glance into the distance, he sighed. “It’s nothing. It’s just that my mother is
sick, but she has already done surgery in the hospital. For the time being, she’s undergoing
rehabilitation treatment.”

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