Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 681

A Five-Year Contract

“Oh.” Shirley nodded and pursed her red lips. Even though she knew that Wade had things he hadn’t
said, she didn’t know how to ask him about it.

With her head bowed slightly, she frowned and thought carefully before adding, “You… can let me
know if you face any difficulties. I may not have a lot of money, but I can still help you if it won’t take too
much money.”

Shirley had been working for Veronica ever since she graduated from university, and had decent
savings from her frugal way of living.

Even though it wasn’t a lot of money, she was willing to lend a hand if Wade needed help.

“Hehe.” Wade smiled upon seeing how sincere she was. “You telling me this is enough for me.”

Sighing, he couldn’t hide the exhaustion on his face. “I was going to borrow some money from you, but
I can imagine how hard it is for a woman to be earning her keep. Plus, I can’t return the money anytime
soon, so I borrowed one million from my friend instead.

When he said that he borrowed money from a ‘friend’, Shirley knew that the person he was talking
about was probably the boss of the Horizon Group, Talila Gibson. However, Shirley was more than
willing to believe him, since he told her that he was borrowing money from Talila.

“Your friend treats you real good. They even lent you one million. I am envious.”

She intentionally said that to get more information out of him.

“It is nothing, really.” Wade shook his head and tilted his body, his eyes staring into the horizon. “You
might laugh, but I have actually already resigned from Starshine. I borrowed money from the president

of the Horizon Group, but she requested for me to be her male secretary in return.”

“What?” Shirley exclaimed, her big eyes filled with disbelief.

She didn’t think Skyler was right.

Shriley’s eyes were wide open due to the extreme surprise. When Wade turned back and met her eyes,
there was a trace of sadness in his own. “I am not made to be a model. I have just been mediocre
throughout the many years, and I can’t make much money. I have only signed a five-year contract as
her secretary with her. I will be free after five years.”

For his mother, he had no other choice.

After all, one million was no small amount. He was but a small-time model. He wasn’t wealthy by any


Still overwhelmed by shock, Shirley didn’t immediately know what to say in return. She only wordlessly
gawked at him for a full minute.

“You don’t have to look at me like that.” Wade let out a resigned smile. “I am just her secretary. It is not
like I am her toy boy.”

His eyes were so clear and pure they looked like clean pearls as he looked at her.

He had gained her trust in that instant.

“Mm, I understand. But…” Shirley was going to say something else, but decided against it when she
thought it was inappropriate just when the words were about to come out of her mouth.

The next day at Matthew’s ‘funeral’.

After the body was cremated, Veronica took the ashes to the cemetery in Nimbus Hill and found the
perfect location for the burial.

There were also many who had attended the burial today.

Veronica and Matthew’s close friends put up such a good show that even Crayson and the Murphy
couple were convinced.

The two of them would occasionally comfort Veronica in fear of her taking her own life because she
couldn’t come to terms with Matthew’s death.

Of course, Sasha came today as well.

However, she was wearing sunglasses and a solemn black suit with a dark ribbon around her neck
today. She only stood in front of Matthew’s ‘tombstone’ and bowed. In the end, she didn’t even look at
Veronica before she turned around and left.

Veronica clearly saw the injuries on Sasha’s face and blood stains on her neck when the latter was

The sight gave Veronica mixed feelings. She didn’t know how she should treat Sasha anymore.

After the long day, everyone, except for Veronica, left the cemetery. She kept standing beside the
tombstone, and not even Crayson and the Murphy couple could move her no matter how much they

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