Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 687

I Miss You

They had a toast done in public on the wedding stage once, but it wasn’t a toast between just the two
of them. This small gesture of Matthew had moved Veronica to no end.

It was in the tiniest details that she had seen his sincerity and love for her. She had noticed and kept it
all locked away in a corner of her heart.

Matthew raised his elbow and intertwined it around hers. As they held their wine glasses, they looked
at each other with deep affection, their faces full of smiles.

They then downed the half-full glass of wine in one-go. After they drank the wine, Matthew suddenly
frowned and complained, “Why does the wine taste bitter?”

“Bitter?” She slightly froze before taking a look at him and her glass. “But mine isn’t bitter.”

“Mine is quite bitter. There must be something wrong with the wine.”

“There is something wrong with the wine?”

“Mhm.” He then suggested, “Try it for yourself.”

“Alright, let me have a taste.”

Veronica, who was so alarmed her chest felt tight, immediately reached out to snatch the bottle of wine.
However, she hadn’t even touched the bottle when Matthew suddenly pulled her into a hug. “We drank
from the same bottle. For mine to be bitter and yours to be fine, there surely is something wrong with
my glass of wine. You should be trying mine.”

Right when she was caught off-guard, he slammed his lips against hers, and slid his tongue between
her teeth before she could react.

However, she innocently sucked on it and savored its taste before she let out a frown and pushed him
away. “It doesn’t taste bitter, no?”

Seeing the solemn look on her face made Matthew chuckle out loud. “Roni, has anyone ever told you
that you are so… silly that it is adorable?”

Veronica’s expression when she tried her best to understand Matthew was so cute that the man
couldn’t help reaching out to pinch her cheeks, which were as plump and fair as a baby’s.

She immediately wrinkled her eyebrows when she was hit by realization. “You have gone overboard,
Matthew Kings!”

“Just that is too much?” His long arms reached over to scoop her into his embrace. Leaning close to
her ear, he purred, “I don’t see you saying I went overboard when I made you cry in bed.”

What? Veronica choked. Where did that come from?

He let out hot breaths with each heavy exhale, andit stroked the strands of hair near her ear. The few
playful strands of hair that fluttered around her ear and neck seemed to tickle her all the way down to
her toes.

For some reason, Veronica’s breaths also became heavier as she gulped, and her cheeks flushed out
of embarrassment.

The man let out a devilish smile when he saw the expressions on her face. “You must be ‘starving’
because of your hubby’s long absence, aren’t you, Roni?”

“N-No! Not everyone’s head is in the gutter like you!” Veronica reprimanded him.

Matthew put his arms around her waist and pulled her back to his front. Such an intimate embrace
somehow seemed to fill the air with a sweet scent.

“Human beings have seven emotions and six desires as they should. How is that dirty? It won’t be ‘six
desires’ if you leave the desire out of humans. That is more like abstinence.” He brought a finger to tap
her on the tip of her nose. “Don’t tell me you are trying to make me a monk.”

Only monastics would live a life of abstinence.

“You and your lame arguments and perverted logic.” Veronica couldn’t help the happiness written all
over her face when she heard his explanation. “But it somewhat makes sense.”

“Of course.” Just as soon as he said that, Matthew leaned over and positioned her horizontally before
carrying her like a bride into the bedroom. “I don’t know if my dear Roni is hungry, but I sure am

“Matt…” She felt embarrassed when she saw his posture. Arms wrapped around his neck, she
bounced her legs in her attempt to squirm away from him. “Let’s not…”

“Not what?”

He bent his torso and put her down lightly on the bed before he coyly pinched her chin. “Hmm?”

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