Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 688

It’s My Fault

The couple proceeded to have another delightful, almost out-of-body session that brought Veronica to
one peak after another.

She had to admit that Matthew had great stamina.

After they were done, he carried the exhausted woman and washed her up in the bathroom before
taking her back to the bed.

She eventually woke up after a short nap. Arms around his waist, she held him in a tight hold, as
though fearing that he would leave as soon as she let him go.

When she felt the warmth from his skin, she rubbed her cheek like a spoiled kitten on his chest.

“Be good.”

Matthew suddenly reached out and slapped her on her behind.

His gruff voice sounded so magnetic and attractive she went numb after hearing his low whisper.

As she stuck her cheek to his chest, she could feel the light vibration as he spoke. This was the
happiness she wanted most.


She dragged her reply, making her look both playful and cute.

It was exactly her cheekiness that always fueled the fire in Matthew’s loins, but she didn’t have the
slightest idea of what she did to the man.

“I definitely won’t be back for the time being after going to Castron. Is it fine for me to bring Thomas
with me, and I leave Yvette and Miguel to handle the company?”

Veronica had no choice but to make the decision herself because she couldn’t contact Matthew.

Even though Caleb came from a family that did business, he himself was a police officer now. As for
Skyler, Veronica couldn’t help thinking how he would be an unreliable person to depend on, even
though he had given up on medicine and pursued business instead.

Miguel was the only person she thought was reliable.

“Miguel is relatively calm. It will be good to leave it to him.”

In fact, Matthew wasn’t too worried about the company. He knew that Miguel, Caleb, and Skyler were
all people he could trust.

No matter who Veronica entrusted the power to manage the company to, the trio would come together
to discuss difficult problems.

“Aren’t you worried about our children? Right, I haven’t told you. Our daughter’s name is Ada, and our
son is Alan.” It was then that Veronica realized Matthew had never asked about their two children.

Even though she was just considering the possibility of Matthew not caring about the children at all, she
noticed she was worried for nothing the next second.

The reason he wasn’t worried was because he had secretly arranged for their children to be protected.

“Mm. I know.” He planted a kiss on her forehead. “It has been hard on you, Roni. Let’s not have
another child after our twins.”

“Why?” Veronica was confused by his sudden declaration.

“I know it took a long time for you to give birth. You lost a lot of blood as well. It must have been
excruciating.” He couldn’t help hugging her tightly as he spoke. “I am sorry I couldn’t be by your side on
the most important day of your life. It’s my fault.”

In fact, even though Matthew wasn’t near the delivery room that day, he was in the hospital watching
everything that happened in the corridor through surveillance at all times.

Still, he felt guilty about it.

“Don’t worry about it. You are always by my side as long as our hearts are together.” Sensing that he
was feeling depressed and was blaming himself, Veronica raised her head and kissed Matthew on the
lips. “It’s because I know that you love me.”

Matthew wouldn’t have had to stay hidden in the shadows and move around if it wasn’t because of the
particularity of her identity.

What he had to put up with was way, way more than hers.

Veronica’s eyes were overflowing with love when she met his gaze. “I should be thanking you. It is my
greatest blessing to have you silently guarding me. I definitely want to be with you if there is a next life.
You can take it as my repaying you—”

“Why wait for the next life when you can repay me just fine right now?”

Matthew suddenly let out a playful chuckle and rolled on top of her.

She couldn’t help feeling resigned by his incessant pestering.

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