Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 690

Something’s up With Crayson

Veronica had never asked about the internal situation of the hidden clan, but now that she was about to
enter the place, she asked, “How are we going to get there?”

“You will see when we get there.” Instead of giving an answer to her straight, Crayson took two bottles
of mineral water and passed them to Veronica and Thomas. “Have some water. The weather is hot

“Thank you, Master Crayson.”

After Thomas took the bottle, he subconsciously twisted the lid open and took a sip.

Veronica, on the other hand, wasn’t thirsty, and she only held the bottle in her hand and looked out the
window, seemingly in deep thought.

Destiny was sitting in the passenger’s seat. With Crayson in the middle, Thomas was on his left, and
Veronica on the other side.

When Crayson noticed that Veronica was only holding the bottle without drinking it, he reminded her,
“We have a boat ride later, so you had better drink some water first. This type of mineral water is very
effective for suppressing seasickness. ”

Veronica wouldn’t have noticed it if he hadn’t spoken.

After he said that, she lowered her head to look at the cylindrical bottle. It was a normal bottle of
mineral water with a blue label and a while logo.

Not paying much mind to it, she casually nodded and opened her bottle’s lid to take a sip.

However, it was exactly at this moment that she vigilantly noticed the deep look she couldn’t name
Crayson was throwing her.

She suddenly recalled that one night Tiffany intercepted her. After Veronica and Matthew had had
some ‘fun’ in the forest, Matthew had told her before she left to not trust anyone, including Crayson.

At that point, Veronica immediately went into high alert.

She continued to nonchalantly glance outside the window as she tilted her head to sip a mouthful of

She was in a black sports outfit today.

After all, Matthew had only ‘passed away’ a while ago. As his wife, she naturally had to be dressed in
black to show her respect for the ‘dead’.

After taking a mouthful of water, she wiped her moisture on her lips, and she discreetly spit the water
onto her sleeve.

“How long until we reach the hidden clan, Master Crayson?” she pretended to be casually asking.

“Two to three days. It is far,” he sighed as he replied.

With that, Veronica stopped asking questions and leaned into the seat, not uttering another word.

Being the clever person that she was, she kept her eyes on Thomas’ reaction throughout the ride.

As expected, there was something wrong with the water.

It had only been a few minutes but he was already deep in his sleep.

Veronica knew Thomas for as long as she knew Matthew.

Her impression of him was that he was a mature and cautious man. Even though he could be a little
arrogant and aloof, he was an undeniably capable person.

So how can someone who is more nervous than I am about going to the hidden clan be asleep at a
time like this? she pondered.

Not knowing why Crayson had drugged the bottled water, she could only force a yawn. “I’m sleepy.”

After pretending to be drowsy, Veronica leaned against the back of the seat and ‘fell asleep’ after a

Crayson was also a wary one. He only called out to the sleeping ones after 10 minutes had passed.
“Thomas? Thomas!”

When he saw that there was no reaction from the younger man, he pushed Veronica instead. “Little
brat? Wake up? Hello?! Wake up!”

Veronica, who was pretending to be asleep, only continued to act without opening her eyes.

“You can stop calling them, Mr. Crayson. They are definitely asleep,” reminded Destiny who was sitting
in the passenger seat. “I put a big dose of drug in the water. Just one sip can render them unconscious
for two whole days.”

“Isn’t such big dosages harmful for these young ‘uns?” Crayson sounded unhappy after hearing
Destiny’s words.

“Don’t worry,” Destiny reassured him. “I know my boundaries.”

“Alright, then. A few of our own are at the intersection ahead. Let’s drop Thomas off. He can’t go to the
hidden clan.”

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