Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 693

Set Up by Crayson

Veronica felt that her life had been a poorly written comedy; it was pathetic. She sat on the bed until the
night dawned, devouring the room with darkness. Remaining seated, she could feel the boat swaying
slightly, but she did not feel dizzy.

Creak. A stranger opened the door and walked into the room. She was stunned momentarily to see
Veronica spacing out on bed before she wheeled around and left. Then, Veronica could hear her
shouting, “Destiny. Destiny, the Young Lord is awake.”

Following that was the sound of footsteps. Soon, Destiny and Crayson entered the room together.

“Hey, brat. You’re up.” After noticing the awakened Veronica facing toward the window on the bed
without moving, he knew that something was wrong with her.

Reflexively, he glanced at Destiny, who stepped forward. “Veronica, how are you feeling?”

In response, Veronica did not look back. The way Crayson addressed her alone was enough to pierce
an invisible knife deeply into her heart. The throbbing pain perfused and seeped into her veins,
drowning her into the tingling agony, which felt awfully deranging.

“Where’s Thomas?” she inquired indifferently like an immobile machine.

Crayson’s brows creased as he slowly strode to her side with his hands placed behind him. “I didn’t tell
you something, that outsiders are not allowed to enter the clan’s territory. So, I asked someone to send
him away.”

It was a feeble explanation. Veronica did not move a muscle as though she was a sculpture.

After a couple of moments, she slowly turned her head and landed her cold gaze upon him. The glint in
her eyes was unfamiliarly frosty.

Just one look of them made his heart race. After all, he looked after her as if she was her biological
daughter, despite not running in the same blood.

“What did you add into the water?” she interrogated directly.

Given how smart Veronica was, Crayson had seen this coming. “Ever since Matthew ‘passed away’,
you haven’t been in your right state of mind. That’s why I added some drugs so that you can have a
good sleep.”

“Are you sure you didn’t drive Thomas away while I was sleeping?” Her words were sharp.

Her frigid eyes zeroed in on him, giving him goosebumps all over his arms. He eventually shifted his
gaze as he could not look into her eyes.

Destiny quickly defended. “Veronica, it was my idea. It has nothing to do with Mr. Crayson.”

“Zip it!” barked Veronica. “I’m speaking to my master. Don’t interrupt us.”

Her expression was dark. As though she was stuck in an ice cave, the cold air shrouded her whole and
her domineering aura was putting pressure on others.

Destiny held her tongue at the drop of the hat and stopped protesting, perhaps due to the guilt.

“Enough. Give us a moment,” Crayson told Destiny.

After alternating her gaze between him and Veronica, she left the room hesitantly. Still, she stood by
the door upon closing the door.

Now that the two were alone in the room, Veronica stared at him and questioned, “What do you mean
by that?”

It was not until today that she finally realized that she, as well as Matthew, was set up by Crayson.

Previously, he duped Matthew into breaking up with her with the excuse of building up his force in
secret. In doing so, Matthew would be able to help her with his power.

However, it seemed like it was all a lie to have Matthew breaking up with her. With that in plan, she
would be disappointed in him before deciding to cut ties with him.

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