Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 253

Taking advantage of Sunday, Lin Mumu ran to the flower shop early in the morning and toyed with the orchid seedlings hidden in her backyard.
In the past two years, due to some people’s “orchid speculation”, the price of orchids had continued to rise. As long as they were rare varieties that could be raised, even small seedlings could be sold at a good price.
Some of Lin Mumu’s seedlings were separated from Professor Lin’s mother plant, and the rest were basically taken from the batch of diseased flowers An Xiaoqin brought.
The National Day was a big day in Yanjing City. Lin Mumu planned to send these flowers back before the National Day. It only took half a month to transplant and divide the flowers.
Lin Mumu was busy humming a little tune, wearing a casual light blue sweatshirt for morning jogging.
Lin Mumu’s hair was long and black, and if it was let down, it looked like a waterfall. But now her hair was tied up into a neat ponytail. It really looked like a pony’s tail, swaying from side to side behind her.
Yun Ting had nothing to do today, so he simply accompanied Lin Mumu to the store. He sat aside and opened his laptop to read a long boring document.
When Lin Mumu was busy, she would turn around and take a look. It was a bit unreal to see Yun Ting sitting next to her, working.
How could she hide her little moves from Yun Ting? It was just that Yun Ting didn’t want to expose her and continued to look at his stuff seriously.
But when Lin Mumu turned around, his eyes fell on Lin Mumu again.
After Lin Mumu had been busy all morning, Liu Yuanyuan and Chen Fangya also came. They were still complaining that An Xiaoqin was not interesting enough, and she kept making appointments on weekends.
The popularity of the flower and bird market was gradually increasing, and many shops had begun to open their doors for cleaning and decoration.
After a while, Lin Mumu heard Chen Fangya’s explosive voice outside. She must have been quarrelling with someone, and there seemed to be a woman crying.
Lin Mumu quickly washed her hands and went out.
A woman in her forties, slightly overweight, wearing make-up, a red floral silk shirt, gold earrings, and a gold necklace, sat facelessly in front of their succulent shop and cried loudly.
She cried and cursed: “You black-hearted little pros****te, you took our money and sent people to punish us. Today’s young people, the more they drink ink, the more bad the water in their stomachs.”
Chen Fangya was also unforgiving, and lectured the shrew as if she was pouring beans on others: “Are you sick? You man has a bad mind, and he is jealous when he see how much money we make. He doesn’t know how to treat the flowers, so we kindly bought them, and he even smashed them for us. Then let me ask you, can the price of these beautiful flowers and crushed ones be the same? The management office came to you, but you don’t improve yourself. Then why are you causing trouble here? If you continue to make trouble and delay everyone’s business, the people from the management office will of course come to you.”
When the woman saw Lin Mumu coming out, she immediately became energetic, cursing and going to pull Lin Mumu’s arm: “Little hoof, why are you pretending to be noble? Our old Su stuffed you a red envelope worth 10,000 yuan. How about you, did you even fart after taking the red envelope? Is there such a good thing in the world?”
Chen Fangya was also stunned and turned around. Look at the trees in the forest.
She couldn’t help but look at Lin Mumu after hearing a woman talk about a red envelope worth ten thousand yuan several times, and she seemed to be pointing at her nose, which didn’t sound like a lie.
Lin Mumu shook her head helplessly: “I really didn’t confiscate any red envelopes from your husband. I just leave the store separately. I won’t make any violations in our store. Even if you stuff red envelopes, you don’t have to stuff them with me.”