Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 695


It was a black woolen coat. Instead of refusing it, Veronica took it and put it on before heading toward
the deck as a worried Destiny followed suit.

After they walked for more than ten feet, Veronica suddenly halted and looked back with a frigid
expression. “Why are you following me? Think I might jump into the freezing water and swim to

The corner of Destiny’s lips twitched as she did think of that possibility.

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t wanna go to the hidden clan, but I don’t wanna die either.”

The ocean temperature varied during the day and night; it could dip below zero degrees at night.
Furthermore, forget about losing one’s way in the sea, one might not be able to survive until the next
day in the sea.

Still, Destiny was worried that Veronica might steal the kayak for her escape. Without saying much,
Veronica turned around and continued her way to the deck. She covered her body with her clothes as
the chilly sea breeze brushed her face. She figured that the cold temperature was almost the same as
the sea.

The chill bit the bones and sent pain to the heart.

Veronica’s footsteps were slow as though she was having a stroll while lamenting about Crayson and
the gang’s wealth. This huge, posh ship cost at least millions, but she was not sure about the exact

Standing on the deck, she suddenly thought of the movie ‘Titanic’. That surreal love reminded her of
Matthew, whom she wished she could share this moment with.

She leaned against the railing to stare at the starry, somber sky. Besides the night breeze, the sound of
pounding waves buzzed into her ears.

The ship swayed along the strong wind and she was feeling lucky for not suffering from seasickness.
Otherwise, she would not be able to survive the constant swaying.

After a while, Crayson approached her. “It’s cold outside. Let’s head downstairs. You might catch a cold
this way.”

Veronica looked back to take a glimpse at him. Thanks to the lights on the deck, she could clearly see
his face. Years of life vicissitudes drew wrinkles on his countenance, making him appear amiable.

There was one thing she was genuinely curious about. Master Crayson, if I still insist on leaving the
hidden clan after spending some time there, will you threaten me to stay by using my adoptive parents
and my kids?

Still, she kept it to herself due to fear. The fear of seeing him nodding; the fear of her words sparking an
idea to him when he had yet to think that far.

“I’m starving. I’m craving your chicken wraps.”

Hunting was not an illegal activity when she was young. Back then, the both of them would have
training and hunting in the mountains. When they caught a wild chicken, he would always make her
some chicken wraps.

After plucking and dressing it, he would fill the wraps with the meat before adding a layer of butter to
cook it.

Veronica made a few attempts on making the same dish, but they were not as tasty. She figured that it
was his specialty dish or something.

Not only did Crayson’s chicken wraps not smell bloody, they were also juicy and delicious with a strong

“You’re putting me in a tough position, young lady. How can I make you those here?” He took her
request as a sign of her appeasing rage.

He added, “What about catfish stew? You loved the ones I made.”

His words made her happy, for she knew that Crayson still cared for her. If she was willing to stay with
the hidden clan forever, things could have stayed this way.


Who knew what would happen in the future?

“Sure! It’s a good idea to have catfish stew out in the ocean.” She nodded as she gladly accepted his

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