Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 696

An Isolated Island

“Come with me, then. It’s cold outside.” Crayson walked over to pull her hand and led the way

Touching her cold hand, he blabbered on, “Look. You can’t stand the cold, yet you exposed yourself to
the wind on the deck. If your mother knows how naughty you are, she could nag you for the whole day.”

He was naggy as before with those familiar words. Yet, her mentality had changed upon hearing that.

As an afterthought, she blurted the question in her head, “Hey, what if someone wants my life? Will you
risk your life to save me?”

“Hmph! That’s pure nonsense. You’re my disciple! Anyone that harms you will be a dead meat.”

“If I’m not the young lord of the clan, will you still protect me?” inquired Veronica.

This time, Crayson stood still and paused for a moment before gazing back at her. While the hesitation
lasted for a few seconds, his murky eyes spoke of confusion under the illuminating light. “I raised you,
and you’re no less from my own kid. No matter what happens, I will risk my life to save you.”

When he said his answer, his eyes were overflowed with sincerity and genuine feelings that signified
the weight of his words. Thus, she believed in him.

Even so, there was another question that seeped into her mind. What if that person is you or someone
who belongs to the clan?

That difficult question remained unasked until the end.

Crayson released her hand. “Let’s go. I’m freezing.”

She trailed behind him toward the dining room downstairs at which she sat down while watching the
television out of boredom since her phone and watch were confiscated.

That way, she would not be able to stay in contact with the outside world.

While Veronica was waiting for Crayson’s catfish stew, she stared at the television screen while resting
her elbow atop the table. Then, she turned her head to gaze at the darkness out of the window, falling
deep into rumination.

I wonder how Matthew is going to come to the hidden clan. Silly man.

They knew each other for only more than two years. During this period of time, they got married after
merely a year and half. Yet, he was willing to make such a big sacrifice for her life.

Just how lucky am I to meet such a perfect man? Is it really as he had said that day? That I amassed
my luck and blessings in my previous life, so I was able to meet him?

She smiled at that.

After spending three days cruising the ocean, Veronica went through her days peacefully with them as
everyone avoided the sensitive topics.

At long last, the cruise ship moored at an isolated island. The crowd disembarked the ship with their

Veronica scanned the boundless edge of the island. She had a hunch that they were getting closer to
the hidden clan, but this was not the place they lived.

They wedged through the rainforest; the dense lines of trees towered over them and the bushes were
as tall as an adult; the sound of birds chirping and crickets singing did not stop.

The weather was hot enough for one to stand, but trekking through the thick forest did not help at all.
They felt hotter as time passed.

Veronica was their priority, hence she was only carrying one backpack while moving around in the
middle of the crowd.

Along their way, she scrutinized the area only to realize that people hardly took this route. However,
she could vaguely discern the outline of the path—a trace of human life.

There were no routes to begin with in the world, and humans paved it.

Considering the little amount of people hiking through the woods, the path could be scarcely seen.

At noon, they took a rest and Veronica asked, “How much longer?”

“At least two more days,” answered Crayson as he handed her a bottle of water.

Looking at the water bottle, she raised her eyebrow. In the end, she took it with a faint smile to quench
her thirst. She was on her guard, but she was way too thirsty for that.

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