The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 4763

Wynona spoke coldly.

In that moment, she had begun to burn her own Blood Essence.

The Caelandor Sword, which had been knocked away, flew back to her.

She grasped the sword and walked toward James step by step, each step causing the void beneath
her feet to shatter.

After burning her own Blood Essence, her strength increased, and she charged at James once more.

James unleashed the Chaos’ Nine Voices, but it could not harm Wynona.

All of his attacks were completely blocked by her.

“This girl.” In the distant void, Lothar watched this scene with helplessness and said, “This girl’s
determination runs deep.

Without such determination, how could she have broken through to the Quasi Boundless Rank?
However, she will be crippled after this battle.

Even if she defeats James, she will fall from her current rank and maybe never return to the Quasi
Boundless Rank again.” “Swish!” In the Endlos Void, a dazzling Sword Energy burst forth.

James sensed the dangerous aura.

With a thought, he unleashed the Blossoming.

Instantly, the Sacred Blossom manifested, attempting to block the dreadful Sword Energy.

Swish! The Sword Energy resembled an untouched realm, advancing relentlessly.

Even the Sacred Blossom could not withstand this terrifying sword.

James immediately evaded using the Blithe Omniscience.

However, Wynona had already locked onto him with her aura.

Despite his disappearance and reappearance in another region, Wynona followed, and a second
Sword Energy materialized.

Wynona’s Blood Essence was burning, granting her immense power.

James raised his sword to resist, but his Chaos Sword was sent flying.

He was struck by a sword.

His body continually retreated, and the void behind him collapsed, revealing the bottomless Spatial
Black Holes.

His body was deeply ensnared within the void’s Black Holes.

“Is he dead?” “Ts it over?” In the Endlos Void, many powerhouses observed the battle.

Seeing this scene, they believed that James had perished.

Even Waleria was worried about him.

Just as everyone, including Wynona, thought that James had been killed, a figure emerged from the
Black Holes of the Endlos Void.

This person looked miserable, covered in blood with a terrifying wound caused by the formidable
Sword Energy.

Wynona glared at the appearing James, feeling a sense of shock.

She found it hard to believe that James, who had only reached the early stage of the Terra Acme Rank,
was this powerful.

He could not be killed even when she burned her Blood Essence.

“The battle is over.” James stood in the Endlos Void.

At that moment, he activated the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and raised both his hands.

His left hand gathered the power of the Greater Paths, forming Chaos Power, while his right hand
manifested the Verde Power.

Chaos and Verde.

Two supreme powers were revealed.

However, even this was not enough to defeat Wynona or make her yield.

Under the influence of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, these two powers gradually merged to
form a new force.

Before this force could fully manifest, the space around James had already collapsed.

This Endlos Void could not withstand this force.

At that moment, Wynona felt a palpable power, even though she was at the Quasi Boundless Rank and
had burned her Blood Essence.

She felt fear, despair, and the daunting impossibility of overcoming James.

“That’s enough,” a voice echoed.

Immediately, Lothar appeared.

He looked at James, who had merged the Chaos and Verde powers, and said, “James, Wynona has
lost this battle.

Withdraw this power of yours.

Even Iam terrified by it and dare not face it head-on.”

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Read The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage Chapter 4763

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