Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 697

Veronica Is Angry

Considering Crayson’s capability, it was a breeze to have him knock Veronica out. Plus, why would he
use the same method when he had drugged the water previously?

The lunch break lasted for an hour before they continued their journey. All the while, Veronica was
taciturn as she observed everyone attentively.

These guys had been walking for a solid four hours since morning. Although they took ten along the
way, no one was feeling exhausted. Rather, one could tell that they were trained fighters from their
steady steps.

Their power evoked fear in her, for she could not imagine what kind of scene she would see once they
arrived at the hidden clan’s territory.

They walked in the woods for another few hours in the afternoon. The fact that she could not see the
landform ahead of them rendered her the passive party of the situation. The closer they got to the
territory, the more nervous she felt.

However, right when she was being wary of Crayson, she fell into his trap and became unconscious.

It was a long sleep, so long that she could feel how long the dream was dragging. No matter how much
she tried to wake up, she failed. It was no less different from a nightmare.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The sudden explosion woke her up as she recoiled up in bed. In contrast with the darkness in the
room, the fireworks burst into vibrant colors, lighting up the room with colorful brilliance through the

Frowning, she looked around the room and saw a lamp on the headboard. After turning it on, the
furniture around her took her back as her eyes widened.

It was a wooden room; although the electrical appliances were of modern facilities, the ceiling, window,
and floor were made of wood. However, the electrical appliances were made by brands that she had
never heard of.

She scanned outside the window with the help of the fireworks, only to discover the unorganized,
traditional roofs and balconies.

Scanning over the whole picture, she almost mistook it as a dazzling night view in a fictional movie.

A nonplussed Veronica rose to her feet before she walked to the window to look out of it. She realized
that she was in a house on the mountain pass at which she could scarcely see the market at the base.
It was bustling with the people and lights. She could even hear the noises coming from there!

“It’s gorgeous,” she exclaimed.

Still, when she thought of Crayson at the very next second, her expression fell. She wheeled around
and headed downstairs.

On the first floor, a few people were having a revel around the table in the living room. Conversation
and laughter of merriment definitely enlightened the atmosphere.

She stood right there as her cold gaze swept across them and her arrival drew their attention. Her
ferocious appearance caused Crayson to clench his fists subconsciously as his veins were protruding
on his temples.

Nevertheless, he let out a friendly laugh. “You’re up, Roni.”

However, if one took a closer look at him, it was easy to notice the flickering guilt in his eyes.

Veronica gazed at him coldly. “If I didn’t know how defensive you are toward me, I would’ve thought
that you see me as your family. Say, how should I trust you?”

She had been watching out for him ever since the departure from Castron, yet she let her guard down
on the island and fell for his trap.

It felt awful. His actions were relentlessly eating into her affections she harbored for him.

Destiny, who was sitting aside, stood up to explain. “Veronica, Master—”

“Am I talking to you?” Veronica averted her cold gaze onto Destiny. The glow on Veronica’s well-
defined features dimmed and her aura was intimidating.

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