Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 699

First Night in the Hidden Clan

Mother? It was Veronica’s first time hearing Crayson mentioning her mother. The fact that she was
oblivious of her mother’s name lent more reason to how ironic her life was.

Ever since she was young, she was aware that the Murphy couple were her adoptive parents. Then,
she thought her biological parents were the Larson couple when she met them.

Now, she finally knew that her biological mother was the leader’s daughter in the hidden clan.
Unfortunately, she neither knew of her name as of today nor did she wish to know about it.

“Is that Veronica Murphy? She looks exactly like her mother.” One of them laughed. “She definitely
takes after her mother. She’s gorgeous!”

“She seems cheerful, but her attitude is kinda cold. They’re totally the same.” “It’s her first time here.
I’m afraid she won’t get used to the environment.”

While they were gushing about Veronica, Mateo, who sat next to her, interpreted the whole
conversation for her.

Since she had been deceived by her closest person, she had her guards on against everyone. She
even questioned the validity of his interpretation in her head.


Suddenly, her stomach began to rumble in protest as she was hungry. Most of the dishes were
Western, but there was a plate of fried centipedes amongst them. The sheer sight of the exotic food
made her stomach churn.

“Have these if you’re hungry. This one might look scary, but it’s tasty.” Crayson wore his amiable face at
her as though he had never betrayed her before.

“It’s rich in proteins. It’s nutritional,” introduced Mateo. “It’s our specialty.”


That word prompted her to look at him in silence. A couple of moments later, she finally held her
cutleries and dug in. Fortunately, most of their food was spicy, which suited her palette.

She quietly enjoyed her meal whereas the rest continued chattering. However, Mateo did not interpret it
for her this time. It might be probably a mere water-cooler conversation.

Ten minutes had passed when she put down her utensils. “Enjoy your meal. I had my fill.” It was
spoken in English.

Following that, Mateo interpreted her words to others instantly. They nodded with a smile as their gaze
landed upon her in contentment and adoration.

Subsequently, Crayson said something to Mateo after which he conveyed the message to Veronica.
“They said they’re happy to see you enjoy your meal. My grandfather asked me to take you for a tour
around the area since it’s your first time here.”

“Sure. Thanks.” She gladly accepted the offer.

Since it was her first visit and she was unfamiliar to the hidden clan, she figured that she had to adapt
herself to the environment as soon as possible.

She stood up and nodded to them before leaving with Mateo trailing behind her. The sun had already
set when she stood in the yard. As the bright lights shone in garish colors, the place was as bustling as

it was in Bloomstead. However, the building structure was inclined to the Haians’ culture.

“This place is actually really pretty. I’ve been to the city you lived in once. Frankly speaking, its beauty
is nowhere as near as this.” He led her down the mountain while introducing, “I believe that you’ll fall in
love with the place.”

Bluestone bricks paved the route toward the base with two lines of greenery planted on both sides
whereas two or three-storey bamboo houses were built above the mountain pass, looking awry and
scattered. They were beautiful with those bright-lit ornaments hanging on the doors.

Marching forward, Veronica inhaled the floral fragrance and felt the fresh air channeling through her
lungs. She could not help but acknowledge how relishing this place was.

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