Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 708

Lost Millions

“Ruka, I’m sorry to bother you.” Shirley felt a little embarrassed to ask for Ruka’s help the first time she
called her.

On the other hand, Ruka was smart enough to find out Shirley needed help. Hence, she said, “Did you
encounter any difficulties? Do you need my help?”

“Hehehe, you’re right. Well… I have a client who will dine at Philwind Hotel tonight, so I’d like to ask if I
can get in as a waiter. Don’t worry, Ruka. I know my limits, and I swear to not affect your hotel’s

Philwind Hotel was a high-end star-rated restaurant with strict management so as to provide guests
with top-notched hospitality. If she entered the hotel as an outsider and was found out by the guests, it
would certainly affect the reputation of Philwind Hotel. Though she knew that well, she was desperate,
so she could only resort to such a move.

“I thought it was something serious. Who’s your client? Do you want me to make an appointment with
him? Isn’t that easier?”

“It’s totally fine. Thanks for the offer, Ruka, but I’d like to try it myself.”

Shirley was suddenly overwhelmed by Ruka’s kind and considerate character, although she looked
cold and aloof.

“Sure. I’ll let my staff know. Just look for the hotel manager once you arrive.”

“Alright. Thanks a lot, Ruka. You’re the best.”

“Don’t mention it. Feel free to contact me if you need anything else.”

Ruka knew that Shirley was one of Veronica’s best friends. Since she sympathized with Veronica’s
condition, she also had a soft spot for Shirley.

“I will. Thanks again, Ruka. Goodbye.” After hanging up the phone, Shirley breathed a sigh of relief and
clenched her right fist while pumping it in the air. “Yeah!”

Meanwhile, at 6PM, Shirley dressed as a waiter at the Philwind Hotel. She stared out the window on
the hotel’s second floor for a long time and finally saw Garrick entering the hotel.

She clenched her fists nervously, gearing up.

After waiting more than ten minutes, she knocked on the door of the Rose Lounge with a pot of tea.
After getting permission, she pushed the door open and entered the room.

In the huge lounge, the dining table was empty, but the side hall was very lively. Shirley scanned the
room and found a few rich kids playing poker, surrounded by hot chicks around them. Among the
crowd, she immediately spotted Garrick.

Shirley swallowed nervously, walked over with the teapot, and bent over to pour tea for everyone.
Lastly, she gave Garrick a cup of tea and handed it to him personally. “Please have some tea,
President Brennan.”

Her actions attracted everyone’s attention and caused a round of gossip.

“Tsk, tsk… Your charm has no limits, Garrick.”

“Woah. Even a waitress knows you.”

“Tsk. What a bold waitress.”

“Anyway, this young lady looks quite innocent, doesn’t she?”

“Garrick, go on and take the cup from her. Hahaha…”

Everyone teased him a little, and Garrick, who was playing poker, raised his eyes slightly and noticed
Shirley’s face. He then withdrew his gaze and placed his bet on the table. He also didn’t take her tea
but just let her leave it. To Shirley, that feeling was worse than him yelling at her to get out of his sight.

“Four of a Kind!”

A man sitting opposite him raised his head and smirked. “Women slayer, huh, Garrick?”

Seeing that Garrick wasn’t even sparing Shirley a glance, she felt so nervous that her palms started
sweating, so she placed the teacup beside him. She knew the rules of poker, so she dared not interrupt
them. Holding the tray, she turned to leave.

Just then, Garrick asked, “Do you play poker?”


“Tsk tsk… Hahaha…”

“Did your style change, Garrick?”

“So you like her type, huh?”

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