Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 719

Honey’s Here

At that, Matthew asked, “Do you have a set of pajamas? I haven’t showered yet.”

“I do.” Veronica nodded in affirmation, got up to fish for a set of pajamas in the dark, and handed it to
him before leading him to the bathroom.

After opening the door, she switched on the lights, led Matthew inside, and closed the door behind
them. The lights inside were so brilliant that they blinded her eyes, but it allowed Veronica to take a
good look at Matthew.

She stood looking at the man she missed so dearly in front of him as she held his cheeks while
brushing her thumbs against them. “You’ve lost weight,” she commented with an aching heart.

Though they had met the night before, she couldn’t see him clearly in the dark, and now that she could,
she realized he had lost a lot of weight. The stubble was visible on his chin, and it pained her to see
him like this.

However, Matthew smiled, wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her into his arms when he
saw the concern in her eyes. “What are you talking about? I didn’t change a bit.”

The couple was barely an inch apart, and because of the warm weather, they were both wearing thin
clothing, so they could feel each other’s warm bodies and beating hearts.

“You’re my husband. I’d know if you’ve lost weight.” Veronica’s eyes turned misty as she felt a lump in
her throat. “Matt, is it really worth it for you to do so much for me?”

She was scared. It had barely been three years since they first met, yet he was loyal to her and even
willing to sacrifice everything in exchange for her safety, doing his very best in everything.

However, for someone who had been living realistically, she had seen one too many times where
couples ended up fending for themselves when faced with troubles. Thus, everything Matthew did
touch her deeply. In fact, she felt uneasy standing by his side, thinking she owed him far too much.

On the other hand, Matthew naturally got where his beloved was coming from, and he pinched her
cheeks with a gentle smile. “Not entirely. I never told you this; I’m sure you know the hidden clan has
impeccable mineral resources, and Zac has been eyeing them here. This is a treasure island. Of
course, I’ve come with a purpose.” Matthew spoke of the truth but not entirely.

Given his wealth back in Bloomstead, it’d be a few lifetimes before they’d be able to spend it all. In
other words, it was absolutely not necessary to risk obtaining the minerals here at all. That said, he
could only come up with plans and devices to ease Veronica’s uneasiness and guilt.

“Really?” Veronica quirked a brow in response, feeling doubtful.

At that, he picked her up, carried her up to the sink, and propped his hands against it. As he leaned
closer, he nodded with a gentle smile. “Of course. How can I miss it when I’m already here? I’m sure
you know well that these resources are incalculable. If it ends up in Zac’s hands, I’m afraid we’ll no
longer have a place in Bloomstead by the time we return.”

If Zac truly got their hands on the hidden clan’s mineral resources, it’d undoubtedly make him much
more powerful, and once he achieved that, Zac surely wouldn’t allow them to be alive when they
returned to Bloomstead.

After all, it wasn’t the first day Zac had wanted to annihilate them. In fact, the man wouldn’t even want
them to leave the hidden clan at all.

Veronica nodded in agreement at that. “You’re right. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“There is.”

“What is it?”

“Learn the hidden clan dialect with Mateo. We’ll need it in the near future. As useful as the earpiece I
gave you is, it’s very reactive, and you need to charge it. Plus, it can’t pick up certain country dialects,
and it won’t be able to translate them.”

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