Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 728

Is That Him?

The problem Veronica was most worried about was this. Destiny, who sat on the left side of Veronica,
laughed and explained, “He’s a friend of one of my subordinates. He can understand the hidden clan’s
dialect and has been living here for a long time. Otherwise, why would I let him cook for you?”

“That’s right. If he couldn’t understand our dialect, then it’d be troublesome for him to buy groceries

Smiling, Mateo explained, “I accompanied him down the mountain to get groceries today, so don’t
worry. He’s a hundred percent safe,” he assured with confidence.

Propping her hands on the table, Veronica cupped her chin and stared at the simple yet honest man
while tilting her head. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Iron Pillar.” The man looked at Veronica sideways while speaking in a Bloomstead dialect.

Pfft! Hearing that name, she could not help but laugh.

Then, she covered her lips with her hand, shook her head, and immediately composed herself to
pretend to be calm. “My apologies. I just think your name is quite special.”

Meanwhile, Crayson and Destiny did not think much about it and thought Veronica was laughing at the
name ‘Iron Pillar.” It was already the twenty-first century, so the name ‘Iron Pillar’ was indeed strange.

“Iron Pillar? Ugh… The food isn’t bad. Can you make me something different this afternoon?” Veronica
sighed disappointedly and could not help but complain, “The dishes in the hidden clan aren’t delicious
and I miss Bloomstead’s delicacies.”

“Of course. You may order whatever you want to eat. I can make everything.”

Nodding, he looked at her sincerely.

“I want to eat…” After thinking about it, she waved her hand. “Forget it. Just make me your signature

Once she finished, she got up and ascended the stairs. “Mateo, come up to my room later. Didn’t you
say you wanted to tutor me?”

“Sure. I’ll head up in a minute,” he affirmed.

Later, he went upstairs and his identity changed into that of Veronica’s teacher as he started to teach
her the hidden clan’s dialect.

Near noon, her stomach began to rumble and she could not focus on her studies anymore. Then, she
smelled something fragrant creeping in from the window. Her eyes lit up as she said, “That smells
great. Can I go and watch how Iron Pillar cooks?”

“What’s the rush? You can eat right after he’s done.”

“Don’t mention it again. The food here doesn’t suit my taste. You guys like delicacies such as ants,
scorpions, centipedes, and larvae. There’s nothing you won’t eat. I just want Iron Pillar to cook me
some meat dishes and see if they suit my taste.”

She pouted, making her look a little pitiful.

Not willing to make things hard for her, Mateo waved his hand. “Okay, okay. You can go, but I’ll only
give you five minutes. Come back and continue learning after you’re done watching.”

“No problem.”

With an ‘OK’ gesture, she immediately rose to her feet and went downstairs.

Meanwhile, Destiny and Crayson were no longer downstairs while only the buzzing sound of the
kitchen could be heard, as well as the sound of the chef banging his spatula against the pan.

The young woman walked toward the kitchen, pushed the door open, and watched Iron Pillar cook.

She cleared her throat and bellowed, “Iron Pillar, are you cooking lunch?”

The man, who was in the middle of cooking, heard her voice and turned around to see Veronica
leaning against the doorframe with her hands folded before her chest while calmly looking at him.

There was a faint smile on her fair face and her eyes looked like they were filled with shimmering stars.

“Miss, why did you come all the way here?” he asked while holding the spatula.

Straightening up, she walked before him and stepped onto the back of his feet before getting up on her
tiptoes. “I came to watch you cook,” she spoke every word firmly.

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