Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 735

Acquisition of the Company

The shrewd Jayden and Shawn made up all sorts of excuses to shut Shirley up. Shirley frowned as she
was disgusted by their hypocritical remarks. Skyler, who observed Shirley’s expression keenly, raised
his eyebrow and sneered, “Is this how you treat her? Hmph, she’s my girlfriend, and I adore her like my
precious diamond. You, on the other hand, raise your voice at her!”

Adore me like his precious diamond? His remarks caught Shirley by surprise, and it made her heart
skip a beat. She did not realize that her cheeks had crimsoned due to his comment.

“What—” Jayden was dumbstruck before turning to Shirley and apologizing, “Shir, I’m sorry! I’m so
sorry for my earlier attitude. Please forgive me. You know how important the company is to us—”

“Shir? You have the nerve to call her Shir?!” For some reason, Skyler became even more annoyed
when he heard another man address Shirley as ‘Shir’.

“What? Oops, sorry, sorry. Miss Wilson, haha, Miss Wilson, we’re so sorry. Jayden and I weren’t
thinking things through when we spoke just now. So please accept our apology and ask Mr. Ribons not
to take over the company.”

Shawn was stunned by the turn of events.

Shirley was worried that Skyler would make a big deal of this and acquire Vincere Games. If that
happened, she didn’t know how to face Veronica. She pursed her lips while she thought things over
and feigned annoyance. “It’s none of my business. You want to fire me anyway, and it’s just happening
two days earlier.”

“Is that so? Did they try to fire you already?” Skyler’s voice became sharp and shrill, and his glare
toward them became more fearsome. “I’m surprised. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

As he spoke, he took out his phone and called his assistant. “Check Vincere Games’ background right
now and evaluate its price. I want to acquire the company.”

As he spoke, he locked his gaze on Jayden and Shawn, and the two men felt chills down their spines
and were shaking in their boots.

“No! Please don’t, Mr. Robins!” The terrified Jayden wanted to stop Skyler, but he didn’t dare to touch
him, so he turned to Shirley and pleaded, “Miss Wilson, Shawn and I didn’t mean anything we said!
Please don’t take our words seriously! We babbled, that’s all—”

Jayden raised his hand and directly slapped himself on the face several times. “We’re sorry! We’re so

Shawn realized the seriousness of the matter as he watched Jayden slapping himself and begging. He
imitated Jayden’s actions and slapped himself too. “Miss Wilson, please stop Mr. Robins, please!
Please don’t let him acquire the company! We’re so sorry! We shouldn’t have handled things so rashly.”

Although the company was established slightly over a year, they had put in a lot of effort to bring it to
where it was now. All their efforts would go down the drain if it were acquired now.

Shirley did not want Skyler to buy the company too. Initially, she assumed that he was just scaring
them, but she didn’t expect him to really call his assistant and ask his staff to make preparations for the
acquisition of the company. So, she was equally as flustered as the groveling men.

“That’s enough. Stop slapping yourself. I’ll think about it,” Shirley exclaimed with a frown. Then, she
brushed off Skyler’s hand on her shoulder and tugged him forward. “Let’s go.”

As she pulled him with her, he curled his lips into a slight smirk while looking at her tiny hand holding
his. The smirk didn’t seem to contain much joy, but it was clear to everyone that he was in a better


Shawn stepped forward to catch up with them when he watched them leave, but Jayden pulled him
back. “You don’t have to go after them. Everything should be alright.”

Jayden looked in the direction of the elevator in a daze and sighed, “Veronica recruited Shirley. I think
she wouldn’t sell the company…”

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