Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 738

Meet Your Mother

Veronica chewed the dumplings in her mouth. She could vaguely sense that there must be something
important today, judging from Crayson’s solemn expression and tone.

After breakfast, the new maid came over to clean up the table. Veronica went upstairs for a brief wash-
up. When she returned downstairs, she happened to see Matthew, who was leaving for the market.

“Iron Pillar, are you going to the market?” She walked forward and talked to him. He looked quite
humble with the brown shirt and baggy pants. It was absolutely impossible to associate him with the
dignified Matthew back in Bloomstead.

“Yes, miss.” He looked back at her, who was walking down the stairs and stood on the spot to wait for
her. She walked down the stairs, stood before him, and smiled. “Do you know how to make fish stew
and braised pork?”

“Yes, I do.” “Can you please prepare those for lunch? I’m craving them.” She beamed.

Actually, she did not have high demands on food, and she was pleased since he personally prepared
her meals these days. She simply wanted to talk to him for a while, hence the lunch suggestion.

Before Matthew focused his attention on her, he quickly scanned around them. Only after noticing no
one around them did he lower his voice and whisper, “Be careful.”

“We won’t be back at noon, so don’t think about it,” Crayson suddenly walked in from the living room
and said to Veronica.

“What? We’re not coming back?” Veronica pursed her lips and sighed. “Alright then. I can only wait til
dinner. Iron Pillar, I’ll be looking forward to the meal! Thanks!”

She winked at Matthew, signaling that she would heed his warning.

“Roni, you’re already done? Okay, I’m ready too. Let’s go!” Mateo said as he rushed downstairs.

“Okay, let’s go,” Veronica said. She glanced at Crayson and then at Matthew. She did not dare to talk to
him for a while longer for fear of exposing him, so she lowered her head and left.

The three went down the mountain together. The morning breeze blew past them, and the air was
refreshing and revitalizing. Veronica was mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery as she looked at the
dream-like hidden clan and the mansions of different shapes and sizes. “The scenery here is out of this
world. It’s a pity that we can’t turn this place into a tourist spot.”

She believed that there would be a considerable amount of income if they developed the hidden clan
into a tourist spot.

“It won’t be easy for the outsiders to come in here,” Mateo blurted. It was clear that he had given that
idea some thought.

“Ahem—” Crayson suddenly coughed to clear his throat and swiftly changed the subject. “Roni, do you
know where I’m taking you today?”

“No. Where?”

She knew the entrance to the hidden clan from the outside world was very reclusive, or Crayson
wouldn’t have drugged her before bringing her in.

“I’m taking you to meet your mother.”

My mother?

Veronica immediately halted in her tracks, brows furrowed at the news.

She knew that sooner or later, she would meet Hayley, but she didn’t expect it to be now. It happened
so fast that she was far from prepared for the reunion.

For more than two decades, she thought she was an orphan who had been abandoned. After so many
years, she finally found her birth mother, but she still found the idea repulsive.

Crayson and Mateo were leading her there and didn’t notice her odd behavior due to the mention of her
birth mother.

Despite how unprepared and reluctant she was, she had no choice but to follow them down the steps.
Then, they took a car at the bottom of the hill straight to their destination.

The SUV drove away from the city for more than an hour and arrived on a hill outside the suburbs.

There was a villa on the hill. The estate covered an area as large as three to four basketball courts.
The villa’s white walls and blue tiles blended the architectural elements of the hidden clan and classic
design, making it look exclusively chic, atmospheric, and luxurious.

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