Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 741


Randy got on Veronica’s nerves, but Mateo’s reply almost made her laugh. He has humor and a sharp
tongue. “Why you little…” Randy had no good comebacks.

Hayley thought this was going too far. She chided, “Apologize to your sister, Randy.” “I told you, she’s
not my sister. I’m never going to apologize to her.” He hmphed and left.

“Where are you going, Randy?” a worried Lamia shouted. She then said to Hayley, “I’m going after him,
Aunt Hayley,” she said in Trilas.

Veronica’s eyes glinted. She was interested in this woman named Lamia. After they were gone, Hayley
turned back to Veronica. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I spoiled the boy.”

It was a genuine apology, and she did feel sorry. She knew Veronica wouldn’t accept it, but at least she
wouldn’t mock her. Or so she thought.

“Apologies are cheap. It won’t change a thing.” Veronica sat down on the sofa without looking at

She picked the cup of coffee up and took a sip. Then, she looked at everyone. Their eyes were set on
her, but their gazes didn’t unsettle her. Coldly, she said, “I have a lot to do. If you have anything to say,
say it. I need to leave soon.”

She had to master the hidden clan’s language and know them better as soon as possible, but she
didn’t want to see Hayley. She might look elegant, gentle, and approachable, but Veronica just couldn’t
find it in herself to sympathize with her. For some reason, she disliked Hayley.

“Um…” Veronica’s indifference came as a shock for Hayley, and she sighed. She turned to Crayson for

“Your mother misses you. It’s been years since she last saw you. She wishes to talk to you,” Crayson
said gently.

Veronica looked at the table and slammed her cup onto the saucepan. “Really? I thought she misses
being the boss of this clan. I don’t understand. Randy and Tiffany grew up together with the Larsons.
Why didn’t you take Tiffany back along with him? Now that she knows who she is, how are you going to
deal with her?”

They made a bad move. What the hell were they thinking? She had been thinking about that matter,
and she thought it was a bit hard to handle. They raised Tiffany up as a cover for Veronica, but they
never expected Tiffany to find out who she really was.

“Um…” Hayley had no idea how to answer.

Crayson stepped in again. “This is an accident. It’s my fault I didn’t clean up this mess. It’s not your
mother’s fault.”

“Please. Even if I don’t fault her, it wouldn’t change a thing.” Veronica leaned on the sofa, a sneer
curling her beautiful lips. “You know the Larson siblings share a close bond, and yet you brought him
back nonetheless. Do you want Randy to betray you? Or do you think he won’t have the guts to poison

It was obvious Randy would help Tiffany out no matter what. If she wanted him to poison Hayley and
kill her, he would do it without a moment’s hesitation.

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