Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 743

A Familiar Bracelet

Eventually, Veronica won the staring contest and Hayley said, “Tanya has met up with Tiffany.”

She stopped and gave Veronica a moment to think. This meant that Tiffany and Tanya might have
reached an agreement and were working together. Veronica sneered silently. Man, her plan is bullsh*t.
She just made things that much harder for herself.

Hayley continued, “I know what your concerns are, but Randy is my son. I can’t just abandon him. Your
master and I had a conversation. We’re going to seal his memories in a few days and cut off all contact
between him and Tiffany.”

Veronica answered, “He’s not the problem. All Tanya needs is Tiffany’s help, and she can usurp the
clan leader. If Tiffany tells everyone who she is, do you think the rebels would keep fighting?”

Veronica had no idea how the hidden clan worked at first, but after spending some time with them, she
realized how much they valued bloodline. They would only acknowledge their new leader if their blood
was legitimate. Tiffany looked just like her. If she told everyone she was Hayley’s daughter, and that
she supported Tanya, the rebels would stop protesting.

Now Veronica knew why the mysterious Castron guy wanted to keep Tiffany around. They could use
her to take Tanya’s position as leader away, or they could work with her and share the clan’s resources.
Either way, they would lose nothing in this deal.

“Our plan is…” Since they couldn’t hide it anymore, Hayley told Veronica about their plan.

Veronica said nothing even after she heard the plan.

They had lunch together in the villa. On their way back, Veronica felt frustrated all of a sudden, so she
took a stroll with Mateo in the marketplace.

A while later, Mateo needed to relieve himself, so he went to the bathroom. “I need to use the restroom.
Give me a minute.”

Veronica stood in front of a shop. She saw a mobile phone shop not far away and wanted to take a
look. The hidden clan used an internal network and all their phones were made for the clansmen, but
she still needed one for convenience’s sake.

Just when she was about to go, someone stopped her. “Come with me, Miss Murphy,” the man said in

Veronica blinked and stared at the man before her. He was wearing hidden clan attire, and a black
shawl covered his head. His skin was tanned, but his eyes were sharp. This was no ordinary man.

“Why should I?” It hadn’t been long since she came to the clan. A lot of the people around her knew
how to speak Trilas, but she didn’t find it weird. Most people who did speak Trilas must be working for a

“Because of this.” He raised his hand and showed her a golden bracelet that was lying in his palm.

It was a familiar bracelet. She had worn it for almost a year, after all. “Let’s go,” she said.

The man extended his hand and led her into an alleyway. They made a left turn and passed three
streets before finally arriving at a hidden private tea shop.

It was a three-story building, and the ushers were wearing hidden clan attire as well. When they saw
the pair approaching the shop, the ushers said something in hidden clan language. It meant ‘welcome’.

Veronica was grateful for the translator device Matthew gave her, or the language barrier would have
stopped her from doing a lot of things here.

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