Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 744

Hendrey Is Here

She went to the third floor and saw Hendrey in the room on the west side. He wasn’t the only one in the
room. There was a middle-aged woman and a young man inside as well.

The woman was in a navy shirt, and her hair was tied up in a bun held by a silver brooch. She looked
solemn and proud.

Veronica’s heart skipped a beat. She had a hunch who these people were. All her attention was on the
woman, so the handsome man beside her was neglected.

“Veronica?” Hendrey stood up right away. There was delight in his eyes, his enthusiasm impossible to
hide. “Come in. I have something to tell you.”

“What do you need?” Veronica took the seat Hendrey was pointing at.

Another solemn woman entered the room. She took a stool and took up the spot between the young
man and the woman.

“This is Tanya Ledger of the hidden clan, and this is her translator. The lad is Liam Ledger, the son of
Tanya.” Hendrey did the introductions.

Veronica stared at the people before her. Man, so many names to remember. Good thing I have a good
memory. Elrod, Ledger, and so much more. She had heard so much about Tanya, but now she finally
saw her in the flesh.

“So you’re Hayley’s daughter. As beautiful as she used to be.” Liam gave Veronica a polite smile.

Veronica cocked her eyebrow. Even though Tanya was imposing, she wasn’t scared. “You’re proficient
in Trilas,” she commented calmly, stopping anyone from reading her.

“Thank you. I’m fluent in eight languages,” Liam bragged smugly.

“Ahem.” Tanya coughed and shot her son a look.

Liam quickly shut up, but he was still smiling at Veronica.

“So you’re Veronica?” Tanya clasped her hands together and looked at her sharply, as if she was
interrogating a criminal. It was probably a habit she forged from her work.

The translator translated what Tanya said.

“You may leave now. I’ll do the translation.” Liam waved the translator away and said, “I’m your own
son. Don’t you trust me? I can’t believe you got a translator.”

He was speaking in the clan’s language, and Veronica didn’t understand a word of it, but fortunately,
her translator translated everything.

“Fine. Leave.” Tanya shot her son another look but gestured for the translator to leave them.

The translator stood up and bowed at them before she left. After she closed the door, everyone turned
their attention to Veronica, but she was staring at Hendrey. “You lied to me. So you knew I was at the
show. That’s why you went, wasn’t it?”

Yvonne dragged her all the way to a jewelry exhibition back then, since Ivan’s jewelry was included in
the event. Yvonne was his friend, so she took Veronica along for the ride.

But Ruka sabotaged Ivan’s model, so he had to ask Veronica to step in. He even changed his jewelry’s
name to ‘First Love’. Veronica never thought Hendrey was also at the event.

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